Memory techniques for students with SEN

Mnemonics, visual and auditory memory skills to help SEN students retain information

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Resources to make memorising key facts more manageable for students with special needs 

Retaining information and being able to recall and utilise it effectively is a key element of learning. But, for many learners, this is not as easy as it sounds. With this in mind we have hand-picked a selection of resources to help you to tackle this head-on with students of all ages.  

Choose from games and strategies to aid visual memory skills, sequencing and comprehension activities to build auditory memory and mnemonics to embed key spellings and cross-curricular knowledge.

Auditory memory skills


Nifty Mnemonics - 50 Lists to Learn
B Gibb

Nifty Mnemonics - 50 Lists to Learn

Nifty Mnemonics helps to build a great general knowledge using tips and hints to aid your memory. This is an eclectic set of lists that will enhance pupils' general knowledge. Most lists have mnemonics to aid memorisation. Examples include: British Prime Ministers, The Twelve Apostles, The Wives ...
A song. maths,  Sing your number bonds to 20

A song. maths, Sing your number bonds to 20

Sing number bonds and have yourself some fun with the children while they learn their number bonds Try and make up your own mnemonics. In a group illustrate them . Whose is the most memorable and why. How do you learn best? 1\. A PPT of the song 2\. A vocals track 3\. A backing track 4\. A...