The Mixed Vowel Phoneme Games Bundle

Each games pack in this bundle contains multiple graphemes focusing on a particular phoneme.

The games are a great way to revise/consolidate graphemes once they have been covered individually as well as introduce some of the less common phoneme/grapheme correspondences. Perfect for Year 1 Phonics Screening Check preparation.

This bundle includes the following games packs:

eɪ (long a) - ay (day), ai (train), a-e (made), eigh (eight), ey (they), aigh (straight), ei (veil), eig (reign), a (apron), ea (steak)

iː (long e) - ee (sheep), ea (leaf), e-e (theme), e (me), ie (thief), ey (key) -y (copy), i (ski)

aɪ (long i) - i-e (nine), igh (night), ie (pie), -y (fly), i (find), uy (guy) eigh (height)

əʊ (long o) - o-e (nose), oa (coat), ow (snow), oe (toe), o (go), ol (gold) ough (dough)

u: (long u) - u-e (cube), oo (moon), ew (grew), ue (blue), o (to), ui (fruit) ough (through), u (unit), ou (soup)

aʊ (ou) - ou (loud), ow (cow)

ɪə (ear) - ear (year), eer (deer), ere (here), ier (pier), eir (weird)

eə (air) - air (chair), are (scare), ear (bear), ere (there), eir (their), ar (wary) ayor (mayor)

ɜː (ir) - er (herd), ir (bird), ur (turn), ear (pearl), or (word), our (journey)

ɔː (or) - or (storm), oor (door), ore (score), our (court), oar (board), aw (claw), au (haunt), a (ball), al (chalk), augh (taught), ough (thought)

ɔɪ (oy) - oy (boy), oi (coin)

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