The Park is the sixth in this series. It brings in many familiar aspects of a park including a pond, a playground, games areas, a cafe. The seasons are represented by the gardeners doing their work. A small vocabulary set of early words is included. The main focus of the Language Levels pages is one-to-one or small group work with children who need carefully graded questions. The Marion Blank Language Levels I-IV move from very direct questioning (approx. 3y but appropriate for older children with impaired/delayed language skills) towards much more abstract work (5+y). Each of the four scenes in the resource has questions at each Level. The ideas would also suit EAL teaching. The four pictures are included on a single sheet for making new activities and as outlines for colouring. There is a simple illustrated text (RA 6-7y). The cover note includes suggestions. The illustrations could be used for many topics of conversation: the seasons, eating out, friends, people w ho help us, water danger, different sports, antisocial behaviour.


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