Titanic History Detectives Lesson

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A source-based enquiry lesson based around Titanic. Useful for KS2 and KS3 as an introduction to using sources or for a whole history topic. Contains: a highly visual PowerPoint with notes (underneath the slides), a range of primary and secondary sources with provenances, differentiated activity booklets for higher ability (HA), middle (MA) and lower (LA). I am also using clips from the movie to really hook the kids in! Hope it's not too late for the 100 year anniversary and that it&'s some use to you! Cheers, Luke

  • Titanic PowerPoint.ppt
  • Sources.doc
  • History Detectives Booklet HA(1).doc
  • History Detectives Booklet MA.doc
  • History Detectives Booklet LA(1).doc
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Titanic PowerPoint

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History Detectives Booklet HA(1)

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History Detectives Booklet MA

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History Detectives Booklet LA(1)

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CreatedApr 10, 2012
UpdatedNov 12, 2014

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  • 5

    Excellent!! Thank you for sharing so generously.

  • 3
    user avatarscottathomas3 months agoReport

    Good basis to take the topic further! :)

  • 5
    user avatarh3len3 months agoReport

    This looks fantastic. We are starting our new topic of Titanic next term and this will be brilliant. Thank you.

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    This is just what I needed to start setting up debates in Year 6! Thank you so much and well done!

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    user avatarmakka01044 months agoReport

    Excellent resource! I wanted to thank you, work on TITANIC had my Y7s believe they are History Detectives for real! They were so motivated and engaged throughout TITANIC case study and I've used this resources to differentiate, introduce and consolidate the Primary, Secondary sources as well as BIAS.

    The fact that they loved it so much makes me think that I want all my resources to look this way- I have managed to flip the Y7 History classroom!