US foreign Policy Essay
U.S. Foreign Policy

Directions: This essay will be the last grade of the quarter. It is worth two major test grades and must be developed carefully. Do not complete this assignment with only your 4th Quarter grade in mind. This essay will help you study and organize your thoughts for the Regents Exam. As always, this assignment must be typed (double space) and it must include a title page. You can use your notes, textbook, handout materials and any outside sources that you choose. For extra credit you must have a bibliography with the proper format. This assignment is due the last day of class before we break for exams. You must make arrangements for the essay to be handed in if you are going to be absent on that day. NO EXCEPTIONS!

At various times, the United States has followed the following policies listed below:

1. neutrality
2. imperialism
3. isolationism
4. containment
5. collective security/military alliances
6. reliance upon international organizations
7. détente

For each of these policies describe:

* a specific application of that policy by the United States
* one reason why the United States applied that policy
* one result of the application of that policy
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