Here is some examples of weekly planning for the topic nursery rhymes and traditional tales, some planning will not have changed on the different sheets as we roll it onto the next week if we didn’t cover it all or it needs more work.


  • humpty_wk1.doc
  • Mary_Mary_wk2.doc
  • Gingerbread_man_wk3.doc
  • Beanstalk_wk4.doc
  • Cinderella_wk_5.doc
  • Billy_Goats_wk_6.doc

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    user avatarh8txt9 months agoreport

    Thank you for sharing. Very useful ideas and outcomes :)

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    user avatarTrisha67a year agoreport

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    user avatarmandyelsom2 years agoreport

    Will be using next week for traditional tales unit

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    These resources are very useful thank you. I am encouraging an integrated, creative curriculum in EYFS/KS1 and these provide great ideas for the teachers and TAs. Thank you.