Worksheet for light and shadows exploration

I made this for a morning exploration on Light and Shadows for Year3 class. we had various activities going on around the class where the answers could be found eg reflective vests worn in a cupboard with no lights, A light box and mirrors, A projector to make shadows, opaque and transparent materials and lots of torches. The children were free to roam to find and record the answers. Lots of misconceptions were straightened out!


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    user avatarbabsandgaz2 years agoReport

    Great ideas

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    user avatarstarship732 years agoReport

    Thank you, just what I needed. Shadows caused a great deal of confusion last week so I used this as homework to see how their thinking has or hasn't changed!

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    user avatarkhanoma3 years agoReport

    This worksheet is excellent for finding out the misconceptions that children are likely to have, thanks. Could you provide answers too.

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    thank you - picked what i needed and it saved me lots of time - very helpful.

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    user avatarorlagh23 years agoReport

    Thanks. Very comprehensive

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Jun 8, 2014

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