Worship in Islam and Judaism

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Powerpoint providing an overview of subject for KS3. Contains additional teacher notes (but no directions for class activities). Was prepared for an RE booster course so is very detailed (perhaps some detail will need to be removed for less able students). This is the first resource I have posted. I'm currently an LSA but am an asspiring teacher so any feedback (good or bad) will be very much appreciated!

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Worship in Judaism and Islam

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CreatedJan 31, 2012
UpdatedDec 4, 2014

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    Useful - as always with such well-informed and accessible resources, there is much utility in suggesting the types of activities that were envisioned when the resource was made

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    This is a well planned lesson on Islam and Judaism. Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarblueyonder2 years agoReport

    Thank you everything I need and more. Will be using some of this with yr 5 (KS2) SACRE unit about Islamic and Jewish prayer. A really good comparison.

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    user avatarJodiP3 years agoReport

    This is brilliant - very clear, lots of good images and lots of detail

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    user avatarmiamimi5 years agoReport

    Excellent resource for comparative studies. Very detailed so possibly to be used for more capable students.