This is a workshop on story openers-plan and flipchart - needs a video to go with it which i found on 'Teachers TV' searched under &'Story openers&'; but cannot upload here.


  • Video info.doc
  • Story openings Workshop.doc
  • Story openers examples.flp

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    Great help to start with the children for trying out. It can be more helpful if adding what questions will help children to start thinking of their writing. Thank you!

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    user avatarvashwood3 years agoreport

    I have adapted this and used it with my intervention children, it worked well

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    user avatarsugarpearl5 years agoreport

    Whoa! I love this. Gave me a great idea for my lesson. Thanks

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    user avatarindigo9875 years agoreport

    Is this the video?

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    user avatarJenprice785 years agoreport

    Hi Looks an excellent resource but i can't find the video clips!