Lesson plans and supporting resources for teaching Year 2 Maths: Block C: Unit 3: Handling data and measures. This material is taken from The National Strategies.


  • Building on previous learning Block C.pdf
  • Images and resources Block C word.doc
  • Images and resources Block C.pdf
  • Unit_3.pdf
  • Year_2_mathematics_planning.pdf

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    Year 2 National Strategies lesson plans and other resources for Block C Unit 3. Very helpful to have it on here so you don't have to go through the National Archive Website however the worksheets are not worksheets are they are listed.

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    user avatarindigo9876 years agoreport

    Handy set of the National Strategy plans if the website stops working - or disappears as is threatened! I do plan all my maths lessons from these outlines and find the questions and objectives very useful - possibly more useful in a Word document as this is easier to copy and paste than pdf.