Year 6 Numeracy Objectives Block A to E

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A list of all the objectives covered in each of the Numeracy blocks and also what unit they need to be covered in. All taken from the Numeracy Framework website but made into an easily printable document.

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Year 6 Numeracy framework objectives

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CreatedAug 15, 2009
UpdatedAug 14, 2014

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    user avatarfbjzupza year agoReport

    I DIDN'T REALLY UNDERSTAND THIS. but it was somewhat useful

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    Brilliant! Is there one for year 5? I have a high attaining year 5 class coming up so year 6 is helpful - but I should probably use both! Anyone???

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    user avatarYusuf12343 years agoReport

    brilliant- thank you

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    A very clear and handy document!

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    user avatarnellanoo3 years agoReport

    Saved my bacon! Thank you