A revision schedule for 9 weeks, covering different types of genres. Only poetry is not covered unless it comes under a SATs paper. Included are plans and IWB for the first two weeks.


  • Literacy Revision Summary.doc
  • Revision week 2 wk beg 7th March 11.notebook
  • Revision week 1 wk beg 28th Feb 11.notebook
  • Spring 11 literacy  week 8 Revision unit 1.doc
  • Spring 11 literacy  week 9 Revision unit 1.doc

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3 Reviews

  • 5
    user avatarSTAXC6 years agoreport

    very impressive set of lesson plans and resources, thank you guys!

  • 4
    user avatarSueBoo6 years agoreport

    Some great ideas which I will adapt for my support group. Thank you for sharing

  • 4
    user avatarmgorely6 years agoreport

    A comprehensive and detailed set of lesson plans that could be adapted for most Y6 classes. A high quality series of whiteboard resources to support the planning.