Author on Tes: Winning back reluctant learners in maths

Luke Peacham
29th May 2018

Luke Peacham, aka lpeacham, uses practical activities and simplified revision guides to re-engage his students in the maths classroom.

Tell us about your teaching background.

I started teaching in 2005 after graduating from the University of Hull. I teach mathematics full time to the lower ability students who often arrive at secondary school disengaged with the subject.


How do you create resources that will engage reluctant learners in the maths classroom?

I make the lessons more practical for them, for example, measuring items in the classroom for converting units. An activity like this helps students to physically see the link between the diameter and the circumference of a circle. I really enjoy it when the students grasp a difficult topic or when their motivation has increased by doing fun tasks – such as maths bingo where they can win a small prize.


Tell us about the resource you’re most proud of and how you use it in the classroom.

I design resources which appeal to reluctant learners because many of the revision guides/workbooks are too dense and don’t explain the concepts in an accessible way. It takes a long time to design a revision guide or workbook, like my GCSE maths foundation guide, but the results are worth it. I‘ve had great feedback from students, parents and other teachers which makes me proud. I decided to write a whole set of foundation level tests because the new scheme of work didn’t provide any decent ones. Again this took many hours of my own time. Other teachers have thanked me for it because, as teachers, the one thing we’re short on is time. The resources are there for good and can be adapted to suit the needs of each class.


Why did you become an author on Tes?

It’s a great platform for teachers to share their resources with others!

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GCSE Maths foundation revision guide/ workbook unit 2

This workbook contains all the topics on the Number and Algebra topics of the foundation GCSE. My students really like it. They read through the information on one page and then have a go at the questions on the next. It contains many helpful and colourful diagrams and uses real life examples which the students really like. This can be used both in class and as a homework.
By lpeacham

Problems for every chapter of the new GCSE course. Good for all specifications.

This 38 page document contains at leasy 3 problems on every chapter of the foundation AQA GCSE specification and can also be used for the other specs. It took around 18 hours to design. These types of problems are often misunderstood by students and that is why I have designed these.
By lpeacham

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