Becoming inspection-ready for Ofsted

Sian Evans
05th January 2018
Image of a confident teacher who is ready to be inspected by Ofsted

Conquer inspections and observations with confidence by exploring these helpful tips and hand-picked resources

Ofsted: probably every teacher’s least favourite two-syllable word. Up and down the country, staff are united by the fact that when that dreaded call comes in, it brings with it stress, sleepless nights and heightened emotions for already over-worked teachers. Quite simply, it creates panic.

While no one can control when Ofsted will come knocking, we can offer support, and a few carefully selected resources, to make the process less painful. After all, regardless of who is walking in to your classroom, there is still a lesson to teach. And, while teachers are no longer graded on individual lessons, we know the team-player within you will be keen to shine.

Remember, you know your students and what works well

Let’s be realistic - this isn’t the time to try out a completely different lesson style with a class that is usually productive. While there is no need to share any planning with Ofsted, it can be a good idea to have a copy out in the room. By displaying something like this simple sheet, the inspectors have access to the order of activities and development of learning beyond the short time that they are with the class. For a confidence boost, this easy-to-digest guide gives a quick overview of how to plan and teach a lesson that is being observed.

Ofsted Lesson plan guidance

These may be useful for those about to be vistited by ofsted inspectors. Our school was supported by an inspector to develop these while we were in special measures.

By kaitaz

Planning and teaching the Perfect OFSTED lesson

This is a guide that I have compiled based on training and reading I have received on how to teach the Perfect (OFSTED) lesson. It is based on Marcella McCarthy's spider strategy which helps you remember the 6 basic requirements of an outstanding OFSTED lesson and i have also included advice, theory, strategy and possible activiities and guidance from Jackie Beere, Phil Beadle and Robert Powell. The idea is that it could be used for training but also just to inform you on how to plan better in case of an observation/inspection. (An accompanying PPT to follow!)
By blackfriary

It’s always worth shouting about the progress pupils are making

Having tools in the classroom that prompt progression discussions, such as these sentence starters, are a great idea as they mean you won't have to stop the flow of the lesson every five minutes. Alternatively, adopting a pupil check-in system that explains how one lesson fits into a wider unit can be created using this editable document.

5 minute progress checks

Check for progress, for pupil use
By yosemitelover

Geography Pupil Check In / Pupil Voice

After a recent Ofsted inspection our department has come up with a 'Check in System' in for pupils to review how they like learning.

This form has worked wonders for us and has allowed us to get to know our pupils, especially our PP pupils (Pupil Premium), SEN & MAP (More Able Pupils) much better.

All student need to make progress (Especially since the introduction of the Progress 8 scores)From using these forms we have come up with strategies to help students who are not attaining or reaching their target grades and we have initiated intervention strategies. (All which Ofsted love!)

Claddagh Classrooms
By Claddagh Classrooms

For teachers of any phase, take time to demonstrate effective marking and assessment

Inspectors are naturally on the lookout for feedback in the classroom and how this helps students learn. On the hunt for quality rather than quantity, we have picked out the very best templates to help you mark more efficiently in this blog post, such as these adaptable marking ladders. Meanwhile, it is always worth recapping the essential elements of lesson assessment with these cards.

Marking Ladders

Marking ladders from “Classworks Literacy” at Nelson Thornes. I found them on the LGfL website and have been using for a while now. They really help the children to see the success criteria for written work. Topics also inlcuded: structure and punctuation.

By Slowcoach

Elements of an Outstanding Lesson - cards

These cards cover the different aspects of 'Lesson Assessment'. Cross reference with the 'Elements of an outstanding lesson' - Checklist Many teachers prefer to break the lesson down into smaller parts when planning and reflecting. Use these cards alongside 'The Outstanding Lesson' which is also presented as a pack of cards. Have Fun!
By EffectiveTeacher

Finally, Ofsted inspections are not the end of the world

While it is undeniable a stressful few days, it is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance so that you can give your best on the day.  If the thought of being inspected makes you nervous, this short video offers a range of top tips for dealing with those beady eyes at the back of the room. And, if all else fails, brighten up any inspection by circulating this humorous Ofsted pleasing machine poster! Just remember to take it out of the staffroom before they venture in…

Teachers TV: Observation

Miranda Krestovnikoff heads to the rescue of trainee teacher Michaelina, who wants some advice on classroom observations. Michaelina is in her second placement school and is worried about Ofsted, passing her NQT year observations and getting the most from observing other teachers. To try and answer her questions Miranda meets up with Australian body language guru, Allan Pease, to find out how to avoid looking nervous. She then asks former school inspector turned best-selling author Gervase Phinn if it's possible to pull the wool over the inspector's eyes. Finally Miranda has a chat with Rona Tutt, the past president of the NAHT, for advice on how to do your best in inspections and what sort of feedback to expect from observations. Will all this advice help boost Michaelina's confidence?
By Teachers TV

Ofsted Pleasing Machine

Get on the right side of your inspection team with this superb Ofsted Pleasing Machine - ingenious!
By Jslm

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