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Freya Smith

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A sneak-peak at our latest resources newsletters

We recently sent our half-termly behaviour and classroom management newsletter and this week, if you are an SEN specialist or TA, you might also have received an email with resources to support you in the classroom. We've picked out the best bits to give you a run-down on this half-term's highlights, but don't forget to check your inbox for the full newsletter, complete with the top 5 free downloads and bestsellers.

Behaviour newsletter highlights

Our behaviour newsletter this month focused on the different ways teachers can reward positive actions and choices in the classroom.

clear reward display can do wonders to motivate children, providing a visible incentive to behave sensibly. This behaviour chart promotes positive conduct among KS3 students through teamwork and friendly competition; you can divide your class into groups and award points for good behaviour.

Help learners to understand what is required of them by setting clear and comprehensive learning expectations and displaying them in class. These well-done tokens, which can be printed and laminated, can encourage children to act maturely and to help them feel valued. 

Reinforce the importance of positive behaviour by building up a portfolio of examples, using this report template. To conclude, this prom passport could inspire exemplary conduct among older students by providing a financial incentive, in the form a discount on their prom ticket.

SEN & TA newsletter highlights

This week's SEN and TA newsletter looks at how teachers and teaching assistants can provide classroom support for students with autism.

We’ve included two image based resources to help ASD pupils understand school routines, including action-based cue cards and a visual timetable. The former provides pictorial reminders of regular tasks such as lining up and tidying the classroom, while the latter breaks down the different elements of the school day into clear, manageable chunks, with Widgit symbols.

This peer support pack aims to help children understand autism, and how they might be a good friend to someone with the condition, through a selection of discussion starters and activities.

For teachers, this colourful mind-map offers an overview on ASD, and is ideal to use during staff training. You can adjust your classroom to accommodate the needs of learners with this resource pack, which contains learning strategies and approaches to teaching. Finally, this PowerPoint presentation offers advice on managing and understanding challenging behaviours among students with ASD.

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