End-of-term PE activities

Games, activities and quizzes to engage PE students during the last few weeks of term

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One-off lessons and revision exercises to keep learners engaged throughout December

As the days of cold weather become more regular, many PE lessons move indoors as part of the wind-down to Christmas. To keep your KS3 students entertained and push older leaners to recap essential theory, we have gathered together a range of challenges for the last few weeks of term.  

KS3 resources

From a blindfolded obstacle course to crossing the floor without touching it, use this resource pack to promote communication skills and problem solving as groups of students complete a variety of physical tasks.

Similarly, try out this game of fitness Monopoly with your class. Just like the board game, learners have to travel around the different locations, collecting rent, passing go and avoiding jail with the twist of taking part in a range of physical activities.

Don’t let being stuck inside a classroom stop the fun, ask students to partner up and design their own game with this template. Add a competitive side to this activity by leaving time for learners to share their ideas with the rest of the class and vote for a winner.  

KS4 and post-16 resources

Make the often laborious task of revising more entertaining with this game of muscular system dominoes, which is ideal for consolidating students’ learning. For older learners, these revision cards are invaluable as a way to quiz each other on important terminology.

Finally, this fitness-themed snakes and ladders game uses a childhood favourite to offer learners an engaging way to review key definitions. 

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Resource pack

Design your own game template

Muscular system dominoes

Fitness-themed snakes and ladders game

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