English: Assessing subject knowledge

Nicola Davison
02nd October 2017
Magnifying glass on booking to illustrate assessing subject knowledge in English with KS3, KS4 and post-16 secondary students

Tests, templates and tools to help you to evaluate pupils’ subject knowledge in the English classroom

As part of the process of getting to know your new class, it’s useful to assess students’ subject knowledge to find out what they already know. Not only does this help them to understand where the gaps in their learning are, but it is also essential in informing your planning going forward.

Make sure you’re on top of your pupils’ progress with this collection of assessment tools, which cover basic skills as well as key texts.

KS3 resources

Find out how well your learners have got to grips with basic spelling and grammar using the worksheets in this comprehensive pack. These skills can also be tested when assessing pupils’ written responses to a text, for example using this assessment guidance and example question for Animal Farm.

Looking for ways to assess reading? Get inspired by this detailed list, which highlights a range of questions related to specific assessment foci. Alternatively, use these versatile crib sheets to evaluate students’ speaking and listening skills in any given task.


Spelling and Grammar Pack

A booklet with a collection of basic spelling and grammar activities and spelling tests. Ideal for low level students, homework or tutor time/extension activities.
By Simonccx

'Animal Farm' KS3 Assessment and guide on how to succeed

This is a PPT guiding students on how to approach a literature assessment. It is designed with the new AQA Literature format in mind - the final assessment takes an extract and then leads into a more general essay question focusing on the presentation of the pigs.

The pack includes a model essay and advice on how to plan and structure their response.

Made with a high ability top set Y7 class in mind.
By Tori21

Questions for Reading AFs 2-6

Just a short and simple list of example questions for each of the Reading Assessment Focuses (2-6). Drawn from examples from National Curriculum Test, gives approximately 10 examples of the type of question that might be asked for each focus. Useful for guiding teacher assessment and understanding.
By tafkam

Assessment sheets: Drama speaking & listening

This resource contains assessment sheets for drama and speaking and listening activities. These sheets can be used to assess any speaking and listening/drama task, and the criteria is suitable for AfL.

By Nonnanoo

KS4 and post-16 resources

Including a list of possible activities, this collection of practice questions is ideal for discovering the depth of your learners’ comprehension of the characters and themes in An Inspector Calls. Or, support students as they tackle their first unseen poetry assessment, using this scaffolded booklet, which explicitly outlines the steps pupils ought to take to successfully answer an exam question of this type.

Appraise A-level students’ knowledge of the key terms associated with a language acquisition unit using this simple test. For those studying Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, these exam-style questions provide a multitude of opportunities to test learners’ grasp of the play.


An Inspector Calls: Practice Essay Questions

A collection of essay questions either taken from old AQA exam papers or devised in a similar style to the new AQA exams.
By timgoundry

Unseen poetry Assessment- 3 hour task

Pupils complete the booklet on their own, under exam conditions. This results in pupils studying a range of conflict/war poems and an essay on the poem Futlity. This task can also be combined with the futile nature of conflict in Romeo and Juliet- AQA Literature Controlled Assessment.
By diamond_raindrops

Children and Language: Acquisition - Test Paper

A test assessing students' knowledge of the key terms associated with the Children and Language: Aquisition module. Revision of key terms or vocabulary.
By Tes English

Dr Faustus Exam-style Questions

A large range of exam-style questions for Dr Faustus.
These are based on the Eduqas AS level - with an extract first followed by a wider essay questions
By Robert_Frost

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