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Sian Evans
11th April 2018
Stimulating GCSE geography revision lessons, activities, exam questions and practice papers to tackle the new 9-1 specification

Help GCSE geography students tackle independent study with confidence using these innovative revision resources

With exams right around the corner, it's now time for students to start thinking about taking charge of their own revision. To ensure your pupils don't get off on the wrong foot, we’ve gathered a range of supportive resources to help them seamlessly transition from structured revision in the classroom to meaningful study at home, all of which can be found on our GCSE revision hub.

Exam questions and practice papers

GCSE Geography Extreme Weather Questions

Over 20 exam questions on the tectonic topic. Great for revision and contains tough questions. I have also included the mark scheme.

By Jake Forman

Hazardous earth assessment

This is an assessment for a Hazardous earth component of Edexcel B GCSE. I’m sure it can be used for other exam boards as the hazardous earth unit is included in all geography specifications. Key facts about the assessment are:

  • The assessment is mainly comprised of short answer questions with one extended writing piece.
  • The assessment covers a range of marks from a 1 mark question to 8 mark question.
  • The assessment include source based questions, recall questions and a case study question.
  • The assessment examines the following content; global warming, the greenhouse effect/gases, natural and human causes of past climate change, evidence of the little ice age, features of tropical storms and the effects and response to tropical storms.
  • The paper uses command words use by the exam board.
By suddy23

AQA New 9-1 GCSE Geography - Revision Question Booklets - Urban; Economic World; RM; Rivers ;Coasts

New AQA 9-1 GCSE Geography revision work booklets. Topics; Urban; Economic World; RM; Rivers and coasts.

I have included both the PDF versions and PPT versions so that it can be easily adapted to suit your own case studies/topics. Each booklet is designed to be used as homework or intervention.

Each booklet follows the same format; 3 marks awarded for knowledge recall; 3 marks for using and applying knowledge using a figure; 2 marks for further knowledge recall; 1 mark for planning a long answer and 6 marks for an extended exam question

I hope you find them useful.
By ritchiefoster21

Structure of the Earth / Types of Crust.

Two straightforward worksheets that involve comprehension skills and then develop into GCSE style questions with an emphasis on understanding the command words. They are designed to be standalone and promote close reading of the text. Colour has been used to help organize the information but they photocopy easily in black and white. Suitable for Geography, Earth Science and Chemistry lessons.
By Stephen Bennett

Student-led revision activities

GCSE NEW AQA SPEC command word wheel

A command word wheel, which allows students to spin the wheel and find the definition and starter sentences for each command word for examination questions they may be answering.
By 88collinsl

Geography AQA GCSE 1-9 Revision Guides

AQA Geography revision guides with lots of detailed images, charts, graphs and broken down content for students to revise from.

Economic World
Natural Hazards
Physical Landscapes
Resource Management
The living world
Urban Challenges
By Excalibur Education

New AQA Revision 9-1 Geog 5 a day

Revision sheets with 5 different ideas and topics
By Jen Monk

NEW 9-1 AQA Geography Revision Guide - Unit 1

This is a revision companion guide linked with the 'CGP GCSE AQA Geography 9-1 Course' book. The booklet contains personal learning checklists, keywords and exam practice questions. It also contains suggestions for revision techniques and 'top tips' for the exam.
This booklet is for Unit 1 (Physical Paper). It contains the themes of:
- Section A - The Challenge of Natural Hazards
- Section B - The Living World (not cold environments)
- Section C - Physical Landscapes in the UK (not glaciated landscapes)
However the booklet can be easily adapted to add in/take out sections.
The booklet also links in with GCSE Pod with suggested videos and video playlists.

Pupils find this guide extremely useful to help structure their revision and help give them a starting point. It's also good for them to have something to work through ticking off as they go tracking their own progress. It really helped with motivation for outside of school revision. See Unit 2 (Human Paper) Booklet as well!
By Katie_Maria

Teacher-led revision lessons

Geography Revision - AQA Geography A - Tourism Revision Sheet / Booklet

A double sided A3 revision sheet / A4 revision booklet with instruction slides to extend and consolidate learning from the Tourism (AQA Geography A) module. The end result is a concise revision tool.

Double sided A3 worksheet or 5 page A4 booklet > Built around the AQA Geography A specification > A range of activities > Does require exercise books / textbooks > Ideal for revision & cover lessons

The main aim is…
To revise and extend learning from the module by working through a structured revision sheet. The sheet has been built around the outgoing AQA geography A specification.

Key ideas and content…
The whole module!!
Tourism is a case study heavy module, so the revision material has ended up with a lot of tables to simplify the key ideas.

To differentiate…
Model examples and provide support.
Break down into timed sections to allow progress checks.
Students should be encouraged to draw links between sections.

Next steps…
I use this before the module exam.
Use to practise answering some exam questions.

All reviews for our premium resources have been 5/5* (as of 4th March 2017)
By AcornTeachingResources

Geography Skills 5 minute challenge

A range of skills activities for the new 9-1 GCSE Geography. Most resources are taken from AQA and OCR. Will add more over time.
By Kelly Campbell

AQA Roll a....

Three templates for roll a landform, case study and example for students to use to revise the new AQA spec for GCSE. Students roll the dice and talk for as long as they can about what they have rolled. The student who can talk the longest wins.
By 88collinsl

AQA 9-1 Geography GCSE Hazards Revision

A faced paced containing tasks to complete on tables. All resources included. Tasks will help pupils revise tectonics, climate change, extreme weather in the UK and tropical storms.

Please check out my other revision lessons and leave feedback if you like the lesson!

By sarahwoodhead

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