Practical and theoretical PE assessments

End-of-topic tests and practical assessments to challenge your PE students

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Track PE students’ progress with these easy-to-use assessments and tests

Whether on the pitch, in the pool or back in the classroom, assessments are a tool that provides teachers with a clearer understanding of how students are progressing. We’ve selected a range of practical resources and theoretical end-of-topic tests that are ideal for tracking progress and outlining the areas that can be improved upon in future lessons.

Practical assessments

Monitor students’ progress in the swimming pool with these detailed assessment worksheets, which break down the key components and considerations of each stroke. Or, why not roll out a series of quick assessments looking at the technique of cartwheels and vaulting, to name a few, by using these illustrated gymnastics teaching cards?

From jumping, twists and landings to correctly warming up and cooling down, mark your learners' progress in trampolining lessons with this assessment level sheet, before tracking their skills across a number of popular sports with the help of this handy grid.  

Swimming assessment cards

Swimming assessment cards

Can be a useful peer assessment tool when laminated and pupils are taught how to use it. Took me a while to produce so just have a little read through to check its ready for printing. Is a good start but you could easily make some improvements to fit your needs. I have started to make some for other...

End-of-topic tests

Why not use a written assessment to check how much your GCSE classes have absorbed during a unit of work? Challenge your students with these five end-of-unit tests, including answer sheets, or try these longer end-of-topic examination questions that will push learners to explain in detail how much they have understood.

Alternatively, quiz your BTEC classes on how fitness tests work with this assessment and mark scheme, which follow on from a comprehensive workbook that is also included. Further test the extent of your learner’s knowledge with this key word challenge, that can be used repeatedly throughout the year.  

GCSE PE Edexcel End of Unit Tests

GCSE PE Edexcel End of Unit Tests

End of Unit tests, answers and assessment for GCSE PE Edexcel Short Course. Includes tests and answers on health, influences on sport, components of fitness, training methods and diet.
BTEC Sport Fitness Testing Workbook - Unit 1 (Exam Unit)

BTEC Sport Fitness Testing Workbook - Unit 1 (Exam Unit)

This resources comprises of a WORKBOOK, TEST, and MARK SCHEME. The content covers Unit 1 (the exam unit) of the Sport btec (Learning Aim C). It has all of the fitness tests and is generally broken up into the following: purpose of the test, pre-test procedures, equipment, protocol, normative da...