Raising awareness in Refugee Week

Nicola Davison
27th May 2016
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Encourage learners to better understand asylum and celebrate the contributions of refugees with these eye-opening resources

Every year in June, over 100 countries around the world host events that draw attention to the millions of refugees and internally displaced persons who are forced to flee their homes.

Whether it’s as a result of war, conflict or persecution, it’s important to encourage your pupils to think carefully about the issues affecting refugees and consider the ways that they can contribute to their host communities.

To help you to get the discussion started, we’ve brought together a selection of the top lesson and activity ideas from TES.

Whole-school resources

  • Exploring refugees through film
    Investigate the hardships and resilience of refugees around the globe with this selection of feature films for primary and secondary students, including discussion points.
  • Refugee Week posters
    Use these colourful posters, with simple definitions, to highlight the contributions of a number of famous refugees, such as Albert Einstein and the Dalai Lama.

Primary resources

  • Assembly presentation and notes
    Encourage pupils to empathise with those whose lives have been torn apart by environmental disaster with this pictorial presentation, complete with script and follow-up activities for the classroom.
  • Children in conflict lesson
    Pupils can compare and contrast their lives with those of children in Syria, a country affected by conflict, in this standalone lesson and writing activity.

Secondary resources

For your chance to be featured, let us know if you've created a resource exploring the refugee crisis that's worth shouting about.

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