Resources for the Rio 2016 Olympics

Bring the games into your classroom with Rio 2016 Olympic-themed teaching resources, including detailed presentations, maths lessons and creative activities.

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Aim faster, higher, stronger with lesson ideas to celebrate Rio 2016

Every four years, the Olympic Games create worldwide excitement as athletes from across the globe compete for a prestigious place on the podium. With tales of hard-work, sacrifice and sheer determination, Olympians are great role models for students of any age to show that practice, practice, practice is the way to achieve your goals.

From maths to geography, we’ve hand-picked some of the very best Olympic-themed teaching resources to help you encourage both individual achievement and teamwork, while inspiring your pupils to strive for gold in the classroom.

Primary resources

  1. History of the Olympics presentation
    Introduce your pupils to the historic sporting event with this clear presentation, which delves into Ancient Greek traditions and how the Games were reinvented as the modern Olympics.
  2. Road to Rio assembly
    Build excitement for the Olympic and Paralympic Games with this engaging assembly that examines how Brazil is preparing and identifies which London 2012 superstars might be part of Team GB.
  3. Mathematical Olympics tasks (£5)
    Uncover your class’ competitive spirit with these team challenges where pupils score points and earn medals in numeracy-based events, such as a times tables obstacle race.
  4. Olympic-themed phonics practice
    Encourage perseverance, stamina and hard work by entering your pupils into a split vowel reading event and using this simple resource designed to help them achieve their personal best.
  5. Rio 2016 art activity pack (£4)
    From making your own medals to decorating the whole classroom in Brazil-themed bunting, inspire young learners’ creativity and enthusiasm with this detailed activity pack.

Secondary resources

  1. Olympics and Rio 2016 quiz (£2.50)
    Challenge your students’ knowledge of the origins of the games, changes to the 2016 Olympics and details about the different sporting events with this jam-packed, interactive quiz.
  2. Olympic site geographical investigation
    Explore the human and physical features that affected the redevelopment of the Olympic site in Rio, and the impact upon local infrastructure, before letting students design their own Olympic park. 
  3. Maths heptathlon
    Engage reluctant learners with this competitive resource where pupils race against each other to complete questions on a variety of topics, with marks given for quality of work.
  4. Brazil board game (£2)
    Discover more about the host country Brazil with this engaging board game, which teaches students about the country's population, culture and environment through multiple choice questions. 
  5. Rio 2016 graphic design activities
    From redesigning a new tracksuit to creating a promotional Olympic magazine cover, combine design and computing skills using these creative project briefs, which are ideal for one-off lessons.


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