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09th January 2020
An extract for Romeo and Juliet ready to study

Support your teaching of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet with these secondary English resources

Romeo and Juliet is a staple literary play in most English classrooms. Throughout secondary and A-level, students delve in the works of Shakespeare and his two star-crossed lovers. Enhance your teaching of Romeo and Juliet with this range of hand-picked resources. For more secondary English resources, visit our English collection.


Romeo and Juliet: Innovative Activities and Ideas

Activities and tasks to do once you've finished studying Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Make use of social media formats and up-to-date ideas. Useful for homeworks / projects.
By SuePinnick

Romeo & Juliet RSC Themes Reference

This printable resource is designed as a reference guide for teachers. We have listed the major themes and motifs within Romeo and Juliet and provided examples of scenes where you can study them. Suitable across the Key Stages.

Find more of our resources on our website:
By RoyalShakespeareCompany

Romeo and Juliet Full Synopsis - fill in the blank

This is a cloze procedure / fill in the blanks activity based on a synopsis provided by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It is designed to promote close reading and is intended as a revision worksheet for students who have studied the play. It can easily be differentiated by adding additional deletions or by adding additional word options which are not needed e.g. 30 options for 25 deletions.
By brennanptes

Romeo and Juliet Revision Cards!

These colourful, comprehensive, and well-structured revision cards have been creatively designed for students securing their understanding of William Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Each card is visually-appealing and highly-detailed, covering aspects of each feature including a full summary, cited quotations from the play, definitions/ examples, and a consideration of audience reactions. They are tried and tested, with teachers incorporating them in revision games, using them as essay writing aids, or utilising them as home revision aids. They are provided as both PDFs (to prevent formatting issues between computers) and as Word documents (for easy editing).

The revision cards included in this pack are:
Characters - Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, Friar Laurence, The Nurse, Tybalt;
Context - William Shakespeare, Patriarchal Society, Religion;
Devices - Dramatic Irony, Soliloquies, Dramatic Tension;
Scenes - Act 1 Scene 5 (The Masquerade Ball Scene), Act 2 Scene 2 (Juliet’s Window Scene), Act 3 Scene 1 (The Death of Mercutio/ Tybalt Fight Scene);
Themes - Love, Hatred, Fate and Free Will.

For any questions or comments, please contact - Many thanks!

By TandLGuru


AQA English Literature - Paper 1 - Mock Romeo and Juliet Questions

33 questions and 1 template: what more could you want.

A series of mock questions for AQA English Literature, Paper 1, Section A: Shakespeare. I've endeavoured to make one question per scene, with more for the longer/more important scenes. The wording(s) for the questions are taken from the exemplar questions available on the AQA website.

This resource is designed to compliment by scene breakdown, which, alas, is not yet uploaded. Check it out though, some point in the future.

Also included is a template should you wish to make your own - I've endeavoured to make them facsimiles of the actual questions, since we all know students are ardent believers in verisimilitude.

Should you find any errors, sincerest apologies. Should you find anything you don't like, well, tough. Should you create you own, publish it! Sharing is caring after all.

Bonne chance, enjoy, and good luck!
By JaschKi

Romeo & Juliet: Lesson Resources on The Prologue

A PowerPoint and worksheet to explain the Prologue for Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet and give the students the opportunity to 'translate&' each line into modern English.
By Catherine Lewis

Male aggression in Romeo and Juliet - exam walk through and exemplar

PowerPoint for an exam walk-through looking at the AQA Question from May 2017.

Differentiated starter: define the key words linked to male aggression and make links.

Main: Analyse 5 key extracts that demonstrate male aggression with a focus on A01 and A02. Suggested answers are on the PowerPoint to guide students through each extract.

Plenary: Draw a line graph to chart the intensity of male aggression across the play.

Also includes a grade 8 model response to the question so students can look at how to develop it into a grade 9 response.

By HMBenglishresources1984

Romeo and Juliet Knowledge Organiser

Romeo and Juliet in a two A3 page knowledge organiser that include an incredible amount of detail including: character analysis, plot summaries, historical and social information. A brilliant William Shakespeare revision tool for teachers, students and parents. Includes both an editable PowerPoint and PDF file for easier printing. Recommend for A3 colour printing.

Update: This now includes an A4 version for ease of printing, although the original should always be printed out straight to A3.

By Lead_Practitioner

Romeo and Juliet quiz, quiz trade activity

A quiz, quiz trade activity based on the context of the play.
By totoro

AQA Romeo and Juliet revision guide

Booklet includes revision tips and how to use the booklet.

Inside students will find key character quotations and areas for students to make links with themes before picking their top 10 quotations.

There is also space for students to complete paragraphs on their chosen quotations as well as success criteria to mark their own and produce a target.

At the back, there are a couple of example questions for students to complete.

This was created for AQA English literature paper 1 grades 1-9. I’m sure that it could be adapted for other exam boards.

If you are able to, please add a review!


By cwill2013

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