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24th September 2019

Engage learners studying shape and area with these super resources

Having an understanding of shape properties is key to a student’s success in maths yet, it's a topic that many pupils may not have encountered since primary school. To save valuable planning and preparation time, we have put together a collection of top resources inclusive of games, worksheets, revision and full lessons aimed at secondary learners.

Lower secondary and KS3 resources

Cost of Jewellery: Area of 2D Shapes, Circles & Sectors

A full lesson revising areas of 2D shapes, including circles and sectors, along with a little percentages too. Suitable for use with KS4 or KS3. Three different levels of lesson to cover all sets - 'red' is the easiest, then 'orange' with the 'green' lesson being the hardest. A good resource for general revision or use on Pi Day.
By JellyMaths

Translations of shape

This full lesson was delivered to higher ability students in year 7, would be appropriate for mid to lower ability year 8. The lesson allows progression and student interaction, with students being active during the true false slides!

13 page powerpoint presentation including starter and differentiated plenary, as well as a strong teaching element throughout.

By tomflowers30

Properties of Shapes Matching

All triangles and quarilaterals plus a regular polygon slide with 8 statements that students must decide whether they are always, sometimes or never true. This should create discussion. I have said that squares are a type of rectangle, and a rhombus is a type of parallelogram.
By alutwyche

Finding Areas of Compound Shapes

This is a complete lesson on calculating the area of compound shapes.

It is a great introduction to compound area starting by looking at counting squares before moving onto rectangles and triangles before then compound areas.

It also contains a nice thoughts and crosses activity on area and a fantastic functional problem.
By Planned That

Solving equations with unknowns on both sides & shape - Treasure hunt

Amber Treasure Hunt - Solving equations with unknowns on both sides.
Green Treasure Hunt – Form and solve equations with shape.

1. 10 amber cards/questions. 10 green cards/questions.
2.Cross Curricular link encourages literacy with the pupils, mathematical discussion in pairs on how to solve problems around the classroom (this is a massive focus in our school).
3. 20 solutions provided within task itself. Each card is beside that answer to make it easy for you to check when pupils say they are finished.
4. Set of instructions to ensure the task runs smoothly.

Printing Tip: This resource has been designed to display around the classroom. You will need one copy (I like to have in colour, but can be black and white) to put up around the room. Print on A4. If you wish to print, select ‘shrink’ or ‘print to fit page’ (or fit to page option on your print settings) in order for it to print correctly on A4.

Idea behind task;
To develop pupils thinking/reasoning skills. To encourage pupils to get involved, engaged in task. To encourage mathematical discussion within the classroom. Watch pupils get motivated while consolidating learning – quick way to get pupils to engage in task and complete questions in a short space of time.

Check the preview!

If you do purchase my resource, please do rate and review my resources. I really appreciate reviews and feedback, I aim to develop constantly and love to ensure my resources are up to date and differentiated to all ability levels but please do try to be constructive! 

File Type;

Terms of use;
Please use only by the customer buying the resource.
By onitmaths

Areas of Triangles and Compound Shapes

KS3, Levels 5b to 6b.
Recapping areas of different polygons then focusing on areas of triangles.
Applying areas of rectangles and triangles to compound shapes.
PowerPoint and worksheets included.
By Andy Empson

Upper secondary and KS4 resources

Area of shapes involving circles

Differentiated worksheet for area of shapes involving circles, semi and quarter circles, including some worded money problem area questions at the end.
By mark2376

GCSE Edexcel Maths Shape Tessellations

GCSE Edexcel Maths Shape Tessellations

By Drmathsandscience

Areas of Compound Shapes Made From Rectangles

Here is a full lesson on calculating the areas of compound shapes made from rectangles.

The lesson contains examples, spot the error task, a differentiated worksheet.

All answers included on the slides.

Hope it helps and have fun teaching!

By Planned That

Algebra and Shapes. Perimeter and Area Formulas

This power point can be used very flexibly to teach, practise or revise various algebraic processes whilst also reminding students about the basic properties of shapes.

The slides show a wide variety of shapes. For each shape students can create an expression or formula for its perimeter ( and also for the area for many of the shapes ). In doing this they can practise collecting like terms, using brackets in expressions ( and multiplying them out ). The formulas created can then be used to substitute numbers in or for rearranging work.

There are two worksheets ( with answers ) to go with the powerpoint which concentrate on creating expressions for perimeters.

GCSE 9-1 refsA1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, G4, G16, G17

For more resources like this please visit my shop at
By Skillsheets

GCSE Revision (Similar Shapes)

Ideal for GCSE revision, this is one of a collection of worksheets which contain exam-type questions that gradually increase in difficulty.

These review sheets are great to use in class or as a homework. They are also excellent for one-to-one tuition and for interventions.

For similar-style revision sheets on other topics (all with answers), click 👉

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This worksheet helps students to review length, area and volume comparisons of similar shapes (2D and 3D).
By Maths4Everyone

GCSE Area,Perimeter, Surface Area, Compound Shape and Volume Workbook

This is a work book to cover the following learning objectives:

Calculate the perimeter and area and volume of regular and composite polygons including triangles.
Work out an unlabeled side in a composite shape.
Know how to make substitutions in a formula and work out the result
Calculate surface area.
Homework with answers included.
Also included a matching activity for the formula of are and volume of shapes.
Please my other workbooks for full lessons for GCSE and functional skills maths for £3 each in my shop lets get functional
By jonesk5

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