Tes Maths ROTW: Problem of the day booklet

Craig Barton
12th March 2018

Ensure younger pupils have a firm grasp of the fundamentals with this problem of the day booklet, from WRMaths

What is it?

I believe that having a working knowledge of the primary maths curriculum is crucial for understanding how best to teach younger pupils. For that reason, I’ve been dipping into the world of Key Stage 2 resources. This pack is just one example of some of the gems available.

The premise is simple. Each day students are presented with an unconventional problem that they are tasked with solving. Packed with over 40 reasoning and problem solving questions, this booklet is ideal for recapping the basics with Key Stage 3 classes. And, even better, teaching notes and answers are provided.

How can it be used?

Regular exposure is key to ensuring that learners reap the benefits, so I’d suggest building these questions into your weekly routine. Why not use them as an in-class starter activity, or as part of a homework exercise?

If you’re keen to encourage discussion of mathematics outside of the classroom, try pinning these problems to a corridor noticeboard and initiating a competition. That way pupils are bound to be enthused!

Craig Barton was speaking to Victoria Haughton. He is a secondary maths teacher in the north of England.

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