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12th September 2019
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Save time preparing with these starter and plenary ideas, templates and activities

Starters and plenaries are an expectation when planning a lesson. They help provide structure to the lesson and give students the opportunity to reflect on prior learning and to evaluate what they've learnt. To speed up the planning process, we have collected a variety of exciting starter and plenary resources that can be easily added to your lessons to provide your students with some exciting new activities!

Whole school resources

Plenary Dice (editable)

A template for making dice with plenary questions on them. This first is for reflecting on learning from an individual lesson. The second is inspired by growth mindset work, allowing children to reflect on the learning skills they have used that day. It is editable so you can change or add your own questions. In my class, the first child to tidy up on each table collects the dice and then rolls it to leads the discussion. I found it a useful way to engage them all in the plenary and keep children focused and occupied while you wait for others to be ready.
By leonamarie

180 literacy challenges KS1 KS2

this resource contains 180 challenges that can be used as starters, plenaries, fillers, morning work, treasure hunts, displays, working walls and for homework challenges.
there is enough challenges for a different one each morning throughout the school year.
By erylands

Treasure Hunt Plenary Game

A fun plenary or starter game for any subject or topic that doesn't need any preparation. On each slide there are 16 squares with five treasures hidden behind them. Students answer a question and if they get it right they choose a square and get a point/sweet/sticker if they find a treasure.
There are 11 slides with treasures hidden in different places and the slide to be used can be chosen randomly by clicking the spinning wheel on the first slide.
This activity is based on the gamification theory that random rewards make games more addictive and fun.
Note: In presentation mode click on squares to make them disappear and reveal the treasures.
By jusch12

Plenary Placemats

Use the Plenary Placemat either in the middle or at the end of a lesson

The Key Areas are Understanding, Knowledge, Evaluation, Synthesis, Analysis, and Application.


Use the question prompts in each coloured box to help you.

Can you write 6 statements using a question Prompt from each coloured box?
By smitters

Literacy starters and plenaries

English Games

A PowerPoint presentation of various English games suitable for KS2, KS3 and KS4.
Can be used as starters/plenaries or lengthened out to make a lesson out of.
Please leave a review to let me know whether you have found this resource useful :-)
By emdeeley

Outstanding starter and plenary activities

81 adaptable and amendable PowerPoint slides to attach as starters and plenaries to any lesson. Some can be printed as worksheets. Using these starters and plenaries I have received many observations graded as outstanding, including an English lesson graded as outstanding by OFSTED. Each slide includes teachers notes on the bottom for instruction.

Activities include:
Two Truths and a lie
Matching definitions
Describe the picture
Brain dump
Back to Back
A to Z
Freeze frame
…and many more.

By jillyjones1987

Rhyme Time Starter/Plenary

A single sheet activity that is really versatile. Can be done individually, in pairs or teams.

Simple, easy to understand layout, lots of jumping off points for discussion.

Ideal as a starter/filler/plenary for more able students, or as a fuller activity for those needing support.

Font credit to
By KayBray

KS1 SPAG Test Starters and Plenaries

With over 50 slides, this power-point includes a definition of all the punctuation, sentence types and grammatical terms for the KS1 SPAG test. It then includes several examples of questions based on the current test for the children to quickly test and consolidate their knowledge. Ideal for starters and plenaries throughout the year.
By littledude2011

Maths starters and plenaries

Starters and Plenaries booklet

A booklet of maths starters and plenaries ideas that I've put together from various sources. Hope it&'s helpful!
By jo_pointon

Mental Maths Workout- Starters and Plenaries

A series of Mental Maths PowerPoint Presentations which can ideally be used as starter activities or plenaries . They focus mainly on numerical calculation and provide a 'quick fire' activity to promote mental recall. Children use mini whiteboards to record answers and most presentations provide answers which children can mark immediately as they proceed through the tasks. A few of the presentations provide slides where the teacher records the answers below using an interactive white board pen. Tasks include: adding, subtracting, doubling, halving, multiplying by 10,100, finding simple fractions of numbers and some problem solving, There is no preparation required and the slides are easily edited to provide further practice.
Would be delighted if you could leave feedback.
By Alice K

30 mastery maths starters / plenaries ks2

These ks2 challenges link to the new mastery approach to teaching
this pack includes OVER 30 challenges.

visit www.uniqueclassrooms.com to have them printed, laminated and delivered straight to your door.

check out my store for more mastery items...
By erylands

Times Tables Bingo Game

A game of Bingo for practising time tables (1 - 12 inclusive) and making maths fun, with a competitive edge.
The game comes with 144 calling cards covering all of the times tables from 1x1, through to 12x12.
It also comes with 12 pre-prepared Bingo cards and additionally a blank Bingo card template so pupils can pick and fill in their own chosen numbers pre-game if you wish.
A detailed instruction sheet is provided on how to use the resource and play the game.

For optimal use, durability and longevity please laminate the bingo calling cards and pre-prepared bingo cards before cutting up (a guillotine is the fastest way to do this). OHP pens can be used to write on the laminated bingo cards and cleaned off with alcohol for reuse.

By beckystoke

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