Primary maths: Fractions

Sian Evans
10th January 2018
Teacher and children exploring fractions in their primary maths class

Ensure your students aren't frazzled by fractions with these stimulating and straightforward resources

Sometimes the best way to overcome any negativity or concern for a topic like fractions is by adding a handful of fresh ideas to your toolbox. With that in mind, we've picked out just some of the varied ways that the Tes community have chosen to tackle the challenge head on. Why not take a look at what they've come up with?

Classroom activities

Take your pick from these challenges to make sure your pupils approach this notoriously tricky topic with a can-do attitude. With talk tasks, visual exercises and word problems, there is something to suit every type of learner.


Fraction Clip Cards

These clip cards are a great way to test students’ knowledge of recognising fractions using a physical multiple choice system. It includes all simpli ed fraction forms from 1/2 to 9/10s, and includes one bonus card of 10/10, and contains fractions in the form of circles, squares, strips and objects. The given possible answers have been carefully chosen to allow teachers to spot any misconceptions students may have about fractions.

The idea of this activity is that students work our what fraction of the given image is shaded, then clip a clothespin/peg or a paperclip to what they think is the correct answer.

This activity works equally well when the cards are laminated. Students simply circle the correct answer using a dry erase marker. Alternatively, you can print these on paper, hand out to your class at the end of the lesson, so they can put their names on and circle the correct answer, serving as a great exit ticket/plenary to the lesson.

These cards are in colour, but print equally well in grey scale for cost savings.

Available as part of Clip Cards Bundle One

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By LittleStreams

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Worksheets

A number of worksheets that check children's fluency with adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator or different denominator by getting them to fill in the missing circles to complete the calculation. This includes simple ones as well as adding steps to the calculation process.
By krisgreg30

Fraction Word Problems with answers

This is a set of 18 fraction word problems suitable for children in years 3, 4, 5 operating at greater depth and children in year 6 and year 7 operating between age related expectations and greater depth in the national curriculum. I've used it with my year 6 class and even the very brightest children were challenged by some of the questions. These questions are good ways to test if a child is operating at greater depth. As a free resource these worksheets had over 83,000 downloads. It has been updated with the answers corrected and included and is a 'ready-to-go' resource. There are now 3 complete sets uploaded on this website - all with 18 fraction word problems and the answers.
By rich4ruth

Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators

Mathematical discussion is a key element of the Mathematics Mastery programme.

Talk Tasks are a brilliant way of enabling pupils to develop their mathematical language, thinking, understanding and confidence.

This activity explores the concept of adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators.

• Talk tasks are best completed in mixed attainment pairs, with pupils taking turns to listen and construct arguments
• Emphasis is on discussion rather than the solution, encouraging pupils to use key language and talk in full sentences
• Ask pupils to prove their answers in a variety of ways, using the CPA approach to support mathematical understanding and number sense

Like what you see? Mathematics Mastery is a professional development programme for teachers with a mission to transform mathematics education in the UK.

This task is just a taster of the complete classroom resources we offer. We also provide in-depth development training, online CPD, specialist support and assessment tools.

We believe all elements of our programme are vital in creating lasting change – enabling every child to enjoy and succeed in mathematics.

Want to find out more? Check out our free resources and blogs or join an information session.
By Mathematics Mastery

Lesson ideas

Give your class a basic understanding of how fractions work using these comprehensive explanations, presentations and examples. It’s a good idea to tackle common misconceptions straight away before exploring new skills.


Comparing Fractions Presentation

This tutorial is on comparing fractions. The PowerPoint starts with a system of finding the lowest common denominator through writing out multiples of the fractions' denominators. It goes through with process with a few examples, with every stage explained through animations. This is also merged with questions. This is to allow flexibility in presentation. Pupils may require more guidance, or they may be able to attempt the questions after a few examples. The comparison questions also allow for diagrams to be shown if a button is pressed.
By jad518nexus

KS2 Equivalent Fractions Resource Pack

This is a complete resource pack for teaching equivalent fractions objectives in KS2. Included is a 62 page flip-chart (I have uploaded in ActivInspire, PowerPoint and PDF format) to help deliver the lessons, a 46 page booklet of differentiated activities including puzzles, games and worksheets. I have also included a 5 page planning tool so that you can copy and paste plans into your own planning format and adjust as you wish for each activity. Furthermore, I have included Word versions so you can adapt all activities to your own pupil’s needs if required. This pack will save you hours and hours and hours of planning and generating worksheets, games, problem solving activities and flip-charts. Children will love the themed activities and the great characters in this resource pack and it will make learning about equivalent fractions fun!

Objectives covered:

Recognise and show, using diagrams, equivalent fractions with small denominators
Recognise and show, using diagrams, families of common equivalent fractions
Identify, name and write equivalent fractions of a given fraction, represented visually, including tenths and hundredths
Use common factors to simplify fractions

More like this…

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Coordinates and Translations
KS2 Singapore Method Problem Solving

By mrajlong

KS1 Fractions presentation

Students can learn to:

- Read and write fractions
- Understand equivalent fractions
- Find fractions of numbers
-Compare fractions
-Order fractions
By Lresources4teachers

Frayer Model fraction example

Using a Frayer model for years 4, 5 and 6. What is 1/2? What is not 1/2?
By thebritishteacher


If your students still need convincing, these resources are ideal for adding an element of fun to your maths lessons. As their competitive spirit flourishes, they might not even realise how much they are improving.


Fraction Fun Run Game

Best if blown up onto A3 paper. Children roll dice and move a counter around the board. They record examples of the fractions of numbers that make the numbers from 1 - 10 in their grid. They then complete the grid by trying to write their own examples. Fractions of numbers.
By sian.m.turner

Fractions of amounts maze

Multiple-choice fractions of amounts questions disguised in a more exciting form. 3 levels of maze (unitary fractions, whole number answers, some answers with halves) plus a blank one for students to make their own. (Only the roads containing the correct answers can be travelled through). Quick to mark as you're looking for a general shape, not all the correct numbers! Please see for an improved version by clangercrazy!
By frickard

Fractions of Amounts Tarsia Puzzle

This game for Year 2 and Year 4 has six differentiated levels to practise finding fractions of amounts.

You can find more Fractions resources here:
By ClassroomSecrets

FRACTIONS OF A COLLECTION - 4 DONKEY Card Games - half/quarter/eighth/third/sixth/ninth + multiples

This package contains 4 sets of cards
Set 1 - half/quarter/eighth of collections with collection not counted - 43 cards
Set 2 - as Set 1 with collection counted - 43 cards
Set 3 - third/fifth/sixth/ninth/tenth/twelfth of a collection - 45 cards
Set 4 - fraction multiples - 45 cards
+ Directions
+ Times Tables Poster A4 size

These sets can be played individually or combined according to the ability of players. I use them in RTI and they provide the 'bridge' between concrete materials and abstract concepts. I have students who love this game so much I have extended the sets for the second time. I have added some new pictures, but the game is the same. All cards are interchangeable so you can mix them to suit your learners.

I specialise in the foundation skills of literacy and numeracy, and you will find lots of games like this in my store. I love games because they motivate students and a motivated student is ready to learn.

These games suit consolidation activities for my Fraction Books:
Fraction Fun 1 (halves, quarters, eighths) - Year 1 and Year 2 fraction concepts
Fraction Fun 2 (thirds, sixths, ninths, twelfths) - Year 3 fraction concepts
Catch-Up, Keep-Up Fractions and Decimals - Intervention Program (Years 1 to 5)

The range of skills addressed in this bundle means you can easily differentiate and use them in a Maths Centre or in RTI, like I do.
By learning-solutions

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