Top starter ideas for primary maths

Sian Evans
22nd June 2017
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Topic-based tasks, problem packs and challenge cards to help you to make the most of the first ten minutes of every maths lesson

There's no better way to introduce new topics, recap existing skills or even just get pupils thinking than with a well-structured starter. But despite them being an essential part of every maths lesson, it can be difficult to come up with meaningful tasks every single day. Fear not! That’s where we come in...

We've gathered together the very best starter activities, ranging from individual, topic-specific tasks to sets of varied questions, ideal for integrating into your planning for next year.

  1. Daily problems booklet for KS2
    Develop learners’ understanding of reasoning and problem solving with these visually appealing questions, many of which can be solved using the bar modelling method.
  2. Translation and reflection practice 
    Containing eight shapes, this simple, self-marked activity is ideal for getting pupils to consolidate their knowledge of reflection and translation.
  3. 100 mental maths tasks
    Build up students' mental maths skills with this series of word problems, in which each question gets progressively harder.
  4. Area and perimeter challenge
    Help learners to overcome any confusion between area and perimeter by encouraging them to compare the two before they go on to calculate the smallest and largest on each slide.
  5. Multi-topic starter cards*
    From angles to addition and fractions to shape, these tasks are great for getting pupils to think through problems and coherently justify their answers.
  6. Daily starter presentations
    Covering five weeks’ worth of starters, this detailed set of questions is designed to help improve fluency as well as encourage deeper thinking.
  7. Arithmetic booster questions*
    Track pupils' progress throughout the year using this pack, which not only contains enough worksheets for 35 weeks of teaching, but also comes complete with answers.


*This resource is being sold by its author

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