Understanding religious belief

Victoria Haughton
15th February 2018
Candles symbolising the six world religions for KS3 and KS4 secondary students

Presentations, thought-provoking tasks and research challenges to introduce learners to the six largest world religions

Having an understanding of different core beliefs is essential to students fully appreciating how religions approach ethical dilemmas and function within society.  That’s why, for each of the six largest world religions, we’ve hand-picked two introductory resources to help you provide learners with knowledge of origin, cultural differences and ideology. What are you waiting for?

an introduction to Buddhism KS3

Introduction to Buddhism with differentiated higher and lower foundation worksheets
By Stacey3

Introduction to Buddhism

Brief intro to Buddhism, again pretty self explanatory. I was trialling a new thing where objectives are displayed at all times - haven't kept with it to be honest but it&'s an idea - maybe you can adapt it and make it a bit better!
By RoxyDub

AQA 1-9 Christian Beliefs and Practices

Stand alone resource which asks students to express their own opinions on aspects of Christian beliefs and practices. Suitable for both long and short course RS syllabus and could work as a homework booklet.
By olliewalker

Different Christian beliefs about Creation

Lesson on Creation for the new AQA GCSE RE Spec A.

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By Charlotte Chambers

Hindu Philosophy

An introduction lesson based on Hindu philosophical concepts and making links between them. Focus on Brahman, Samsara, Atman, Moksha, Dharma and Karma. Worksheet for pupils to complete.
By victoriaanne

What is Hinduism?

Self explanatory lesson about an introduction to the study of Hinduism. Complete with activities, powerpoint, lesson objectives and photo analysis visual material. Ideal for KS3 pupils.
By hundredacre15

The Six Beliefs of Islam - Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies B - Area of Study 2 - Islam

This lesson examines the six beliefs of Islam. It is intended to serve as the first lesson of the 'beliefs' part of the second area of study in Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies B.

Check this account for more resources in this scheme of work.

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By SensibleResources

Introduction to Judaism

This lesson introduces Judaism to year 9 students. The lesson addresses the basics of the faith and the differences between the different kinds of Judaism.

This resource has:

- A3 poster sheets for students to teach each other the different elements of Judaism.
- star of David sheets for plenary.
By webster00095

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