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27th September 2019
Using film in the classroom: Resources - British Film Festival

Resources to support the use of film and TV in the classroom

Film and TV are an integral part of most of students’ lives and, as such, can be hugely motivating when used in the classroom.  Importantly, they give learners a wealth of opportunity to practise all of the major English skills, whether it’s reading scripts, discussing themes or writing reviews. Into Film support and encourage dynamic ways of learning in the classroom through the use of film, offering resources for students aged 5 - 18. 

With the British Film Festival fast approaching (2-13 October), we thought it was the perfect time to select a few of our favourite film-related resources to use in the classroom. From novel studies to cross-curricular activities such as film review worksheets, starters and case studies, why not try using film in your classroom to support key learning objectives this October?

Into Film resources

MACBETH - Power Players

This educational resource aims to support the teaching of Macbeth at Secondary level for students aged 14-16 years old and supports English, English Literature, drama and film studies teaching and learning. It comprises of a PDF that includes comprehensive outlines for the five activities, stills from the film and worksheets use in the classroom and the accompanying MACBETH – Power Players PowerPoint presentation with embedded clips from the 2015 film starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotilard. Students are then encouraged to make their own short film based on the themes within Macbeth as a consolidation exercise.

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By IntoFilm

An Introduction to Stop Motion Animation

This Into Film resource provides an introduction to stop-motion animation, detailing the history of the technique, as well as guidance on how to create your own stop motion films. Styles included use silhouettes, paper cut outs and modelling clay, with activity sheets and cut-out materials also provided for an interactive historical understanding of inventions such as the zoetrope and thaumatrope. More information can be found at To find out more about Into Film and start an Into Film Club visit:
By IntoFilm

'Words Can Hurt' Film Seasons: Anti-Bullying

Into Film has curated two thought-provoking seasons of films, in which bullying is a major theme - for Primary and Secondary school children - to help teachers and pupils explore the issues surrounding the anti-bullying theme, ‘Words Can Hurt’.
Each film in the ‘Words Can Hurt’ resource deals with a different area of bullying, and is accompanied by detailed film guides which include review starters and discussion points for teachers to fully explore the themes raised in the film.
Like this? Try our new Anti-Bullying resource at:
By IntoFilm

Black Star: The Power of Persuasive Speech

Being able to speak and write persuasively is an important cross-curricular skill. Film can bring the power of speech to life, through an examination of the situations where being able to effectively make yourself heard can effect change.

This resource examines some great real-life orators from history through film, such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Muhammed Ali and Lord Mansfield. It has clear links to the English curriculum for 11-16-year old students and the new GCSE English Language, where the effects of language can be considered, as well as the importance of delivery, gesture and tone. This resource also has cross-curricular relevance to drama, history and PSHE.

Black Star is the British Film Institute’s autumn 2016 celebration of the range, versatility and power of black actors on film and TV taking place nationwide and we’re delighted to be complementing their season with a programme of relevant films that resonate with our audience of 5-19 year olds. Embracing the BFI’s direction of illuminating on-screen talent, the films selected for use in this resource feature contemporary British stars of black heritage as well as actors from the African diaspora and throughout film history that demonstrate a real range and depth of storytelling.
By IntoFilm

Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare: The Animated Tales

Explore Romeo and Juliet with this creative workbook that helps students to analyse the play based on the Shakespeare: The Animated Tales adaptation of the play through the 3Cs (character, camera, colour) and 3Ss (story, setting, sound). This resource is suitable for students aged 7 plus and the teachers' notes includes extension activities.

For information on howto start a free Into Film club and to order this DVD for free, please visit
By IntoFilm

Dunkirk: The Dynamo Challenge

Connect your students with the heroic events surrounding Dunkirk via Christopher Nolan's action thriller, Dunkirk with our brand new resource.

Targeted at 12-16 year olds, and a perfect resource to support history, PSHE/PSE/SMSC or citizenship lessons, The Dynamo Challenge presents a series of team building challenges centred around three narrative perspectives from the air, land and sea.

You can also enter your school into The Dynamo Challenge competition. Task your students to create a group 3D art installation to commemorate the events at Dunkirk, submit a photo to OR tweet us @intofilm_edu and be in with a chance of the artwork being displayed at Dover Castle alongside the costumes from the film! The deadline for entries is midday on Friday 21 July 2017. Read more about the terms and conditions for entering.

Dunkirk: The Dynamo Challenge was produced by Into Film and SUPER., in partnership with Warner Brothers.
By IntoFilm

The Jungle Book: The Bare Necessities

This educational cross-curricular resource based on the 2016 Disney film The Jungle Book includes a selection of activities that have been designed for teachers to cherry-pick in their classrooms.

This resource consists of three activities, a PowerPoint presentation with embedded clips and an accompanying booklet with worksheets. Each activity has an extension task that you that you can use to extend the session, challenge your more able pupils or as a homework task.
By IntoFilm

Film Industry

This resource, for teachers of media, film and moving image arts, explores the workings of the film industry. It is organised into six key areas:


This resource is designed to be used with the accompanying PowerPoint presentation at, which contains Behind The Scenes interviews with Disney, The Third Floor and Soda Pictures.

To start your free Into Film Club, find out more at

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By IntoFilm

Film Language - for film and media studies

This Into Film resource uses the films Short Term 12 and Ender's Game as a basis for textual analysis, focusing on camera, mise-en-scène, editing and sound. Suitable for students of film and media studies and moving image arts, these teachers' notes should be used in conjunction with the film clips and stills embedded in the PowerPoint presentation found at

To find out more about Into Film Clubs visit:

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By IntoFilm

Moana: Finding Your Way in the World

During the course of the film Moana finds her true path in life. In this resource, based on Disney's Moana, young people will immerse themselves into the world of the film in order to explore the themes of identify and self-discovery, to ultimately create their own wayfinding map.

Suitable for young people aged 7-11, the activities can be cherry-picked by teachers or leaders for use in an Into Film Club, or if you wish, the classroom, with connections to English/literacy, PSHE education, and Art and Design across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Learning objectives and curriculum links are available as a guide only, should you wish to refer to them, but this may not be necessary for your club setting. These Leaders' notes are designed to be used in conjunction with the accompanying materials: Moana: Finding Your Way in the World PowerPoint presentation available from the Into Film website at the following link:
By IntoFilm

Primary and secondary resources

French Film Review Sheet and PowerPoint

A great sheet to use in the last week of term to give the pupils something focused to do when you pop on a French film. For those who aren’t entirely engrossed they can answer the questions, add some doodles and decorate or colour the sheet.
It gives a really educational focus to the film lesson (regardless of whether or not it is a TL film).
Also included is a film genres PPT.

If you are using it as part of your media module there are general questions about film and cinema and specific film review questions. They are all accessible and if you would like to add more complex/advanced questions there is a blank template for you to simply add a text boxes with more age/stage appropriate questions.

The feedback I have had on these sheets has been great- I am producing a series of them so please get in touch if there is a topic you would like to see in September. Don’t forget you have an easy way of receiving any free resource of your choice- simply leave feedback on any resource you have purchased and then contact me to let me know at

By Betsy Belle

Holes Novel Study

This is a complete novel study using the book Holes. The entire unit focuses on the Common Core Standards and shift to getting students to use evidence from the text to answer and defend their responses. The structure of my class was a vocabulary mini-lesson, mini-lesson connected to a skill, whole class and independent reading connected to the text. LESSON PLANS ARE IN WORD (AND PDF) FORMAT. This perfect for teachers who like to tweak class activities to the needs of their individual classes. Please note restrictions on commercial use.

The Unit Includes:
25 Original Vocabulary Mini-lessons
24 Lessons (Questions from the chapters, Exit Ticket, Homework)
22 Mini-lessons aligned to skills from the text
4 Extension Activities (Create a Creature, Wanted Ads, Character Traits, Alternative Ending)
Graphic Organizers
1 Character Study Mini-Book (9 pages) for students to track characters
By RaisingRigor

Media Studies - Film Language Starter

A starter used for AS Media and GCSE Film Studies.
By aznewcollege

British Film Resources

Understand the landscape of the modern British film industry with these case studies and overview.
By vixtrix

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe {Novel Study & Pyramid Art Project}

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Novel Study

This unit contains seventeen pages of comprehension questions, seventeen pages of vocabulary word work, a Turkish Delight activity, and a story pyramid art project. .

While reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to my students, I found that this novel is filled with challenging words. Therefore, there is a large focus on using context clues and the dictionary to understand unknown words.

17 Pages of Comprehension Questions

17 Pages of Vocabulary Work- Titles included are:
*I Can See It! Vocabulary Illustrations
*Vocabulary Match Up
*Define It
*Fill It In
*Break it Down
*Vocabulary Multiple Choice
*Vocabulary Study
*Dictionary Detective
*Dynamic Dictionary
*Write it Out
*Define and Sketch
*Name Collection Box
*Part of Speech
*Context Clues

Turkish Delight
*Taste Turkish Delight
*My Favorite Food Writing Prompt

Story Pyramid Art Project
*Favorite Scene

Happy Learning!

Renee Smalley
By reneesmalley1

Film Review Writing

A 10 slide PowerPoint exploring the ingredients of a solid and engaging film review.
Includes an activity for students to analyse a model film review on Bond movie ‘SkyFall’ and a template/plan to begin creating their own!

Suitable for primary and secondary age students of both English and Media Studies

By MissCResources

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