Winning World Cup resources for 2018

Teaching resources to tackle Russia's Fifa 2018 World Cup in the classroom, with activities, lessons and display materials for primary and secondary teachers.

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Resources & Activities To Bring The 2018 Russia World Cup Into The Classroom

Kick-off Russia's 2018 Fifa World Cup in your classroom with these activities, lessons and display materials for primary and secondary

On 14 June, the first match of the 21st Fifa World Cup tournament takes place and a month of football madness begins. Channel pupils' enthusiasm into your lessons with these engaging resources that can help you frame your teaching in a sporty context. 

As always, we can only highlight a handful of resources in a blog post, so don't forget to check out other World Cup resources shared by authors on Tes.

So whether you add a football theme to your curriculum lessons, discuss the social and ethical issues being debated in the media, or use a fun activity as an end-of-lesson filler, there are plenty of resources to choose from to make the most of students' engagement with this international event. 

World Cup resources for whole school

From the customary World Cup wall chart, to Widget and flags activities, these resources cover the staple bases for any teacher looking to capitalise on the competition’s appeal.

2018 World Cup Wall Chart
Thomas Pitts

2018 World Cup Wall Chart

My, now traditional, World Cup Wall Chart resource. This year, I haven't made it with additional pages with statistics about the teams, although these could be added if people wanted them. However, I have produced a varying range of sizes (from A0 to A3) and pdfs which will print to A3. Each of th...

World Cup resources for primary teachers

Tackle literacy and numeracy in the spirit of the World Cup using these football-themed lessons and activities.

World Cup: Russia 2018: World Cup by Dice

World Cup: Russia 2018: World Cup by Dice

World Cup: Russia 2018: World Cup by Dice A bundle of task/fact sheets o play World Cup by Dice; research and record information about the countries in competing for the World Cup and to display information.

World Cup resources for secondary teachers

Practise those core subject skills in maths and science with these tasks framed in the context of Fifa's tournament.

World Cup Maths

World Cup Maths

A Maths pack based on the 2018 World Cup in Russia. For football fanatics or students who need something a little different. This pack can be given as homework or the tasks could be part of a lesson. Aimed at Secondary students (your KS2 pupils should also be able to access, given the right suppor...
World Cup Science Skills/data handling

World Cup Science Skills/data handling

This is a lesson looking at how and when to draw different graphs, identifying variables and analysing a graph or data and planning an experiment. There are three different worksheets at the beginning to go with the PowerPoint, one for low ability, one for intermediate and one for high ability stude...