Marking in MFL

Flora Michti
26th April 2019
Marking in MFL

Grids, templates and markbooks to help you mark pupils' work in French, German and Spanish

It's mock exam season and there's a pile of speaking assessment reports, writing assignments and more student papers to be marked sitting on your desk. We know marking can be time-consuming, so we've collected these handy resources to help you.

General MFL marking resources

Feedback AfL Labels MFL

Labels (4 to A4 sheet) to stick on front of exercise books/folders to track progress and give targets (through tick-boxes) to students - for MFL but could easily be adapted. I would print these on to self-adhesive sheets. Students or teachers can record levels/marks and highlight or shade in colours to show progress visually - never let them be flummoxed by those questions - 'Do you know what level you are? What do you need to do to improve?&'
By rpjk1988

MFL Marking Key

Helas, Levels and grades have changed or disappeared, but the need for AfL is still paramount. Out of a desire to give specific feedback on students' written work without stamps/stickers/postits/sheets, this marking key was born.
METHOD: Mark students' work with as much detail as you desire (correcting everything/underlining errors or simply ticking in the marrgin), before adding in red pen a variation of the following example (personal comment/What Went Well.../Even Better If...):
Très personnalisé- bravo!
FOLLOW UP: The next lesson, students write up their own or peer targets in full sentences base don the marking key in green.
HOMEWORK: Redraft the piece of work.
EXTENSION: Students mark their own or peer-mark others' work with the marking key to develop independence.

By trumpetrich

Marking time-buster. 50 ideas

You will save countless hours of marking time with these ingenious ideas.

INSTEAD OF......(common mistake), try................(new time saving solution!)

These are highly praised and have been adopted at whole-school levels.

50 great ideas with scanned examples

(If you search '300 lesson activities - you will see that my products are popular here on TES. This product is just as good!).

By whizzbangbang

Speaking and writing marking resources

MFL Writing and Speaking Feedback Grid

Progress Ladder Feedback Grid for KS3 and GCSE Writing and Speaking for the 9-1 GCSE in French, German and Spanish

I have created this Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 writing and speaking marking feedback grid for the new AQA 9-1 GCSE and use it with general or assessed pieces of French, German and Spanish work.

The grid is linked to a progress ladder that we use in school, which shows the elements students are required to include to progress from grades 1-9 in the two skills in these subjects.

My school has been using it since October and I have found that it has really sped up my marking time. I circle elements that students haven’t included and they must refer back to it before completing their next piece of written or spoken work. I also insist that my students learn these elements by heart in order and they have done this, which is definitely helping with an improvement in grades.

Hopefully it’s useful to you all as well!

By theidealteacher1

Marking and feedback document for new MFL GCSE (AQA) speaking exam

This document incorporates a user-friendly version of the mark scheme for each task, with spaces for writing in marks and comments. It is an easy and efficient way of marking speaking exams whilst at the same time providing specific feedback to pupils.

Foundation and higher versions are both included.
By laurabuckley56

GCSE Speaking Exam Marking Sheet

This sheet was developed to facilitate marking during mock speaking exams for GCSE languages.
It turned out to be a true time saving resource.
It's best printed side by side on A3 paper.
It was developed for AQA marking scheme.
By AnnaEK

GCSE Writing Marking Grid

I have not created this, but work with the wonderful person who did. I shared this, in use on twitter and have permission to share it with you.

Cuts your marking time way down and is clear and effective.

By Ashleighdavo

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