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Online Safety- Email Lesson

Online Safety- Email Lesson

A short lesson designed to practicalise the idea to children, that posting on the internet is not as clear as they think. Included is: lesson plan; powerpoint to complete lesson with notes; template for children to use to write their 'post'.

By akeohane2

Internet Issues and  E-Safety -Full School Planning,  websites and activities.

Internet Issues and E-Safety -Full School Planning, websites and activities.

It is vital that we teach our children to keep safe online. Hopefully by sharing this resource you can help to give your children the knowledge to keep themselves safe while enjoying the Internet. These resources have been developed over the last 11years but due to their nature, they are always a work in progress. It is part of my Communicating, Collaborating and E-Safety planning (DL-CCE) Children learn how to communicate and share information in a variety of different ways. They learn how to stay safe when using the Internet and how to keep personnel information private. They talk about current issues such as Cyber bullying/friendship, mobile phone use and sensible and safe use of all Technology. They also talk about being aware of how long they spend using this Technology and how they can take ownership of their usage. They discuss 'The right to be unavailable' and talk about turning off mobile phones and other devices. We try to help them understand that social networking is a wonderful way to communicate but that it can be time consuming and demanding if not used carefully. I hope these resources help you to ensure that your children have the knowledge to keep themselves safe and the tools to deal with problems or dangers that arise.

By carinagill



This is a single level target sheet that supports APP Assessment Angel ICT. The software includes draft level 1 and 2 statements. For more details about the software please visit the website. Thank you for looking Graham

By LightningEducation

Introduction of MLE/VLE into a primary school

Introduction of MLE/VLE into a primary school

This a draft document that can be given to the Governors/Senior Leadership Team/Leadership Team in order review and plan how introduce an MLE/VLE to primary schools. I will be adding to this document feel free to email me, - been updated.

By deb269