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Country Studies Bundle (Asia)

Country Studies Bundle (Asia)

Let’s get to know <strong>Asia</strong>! This country bundle includes 11 country studies with a great variety of activities and exercises about <strong>China</strong>, <strong>India</strong>, <strong>Japan</strong>, <strong>Indonesia</strong>, <strong>Thailand</strong>, <strong>Vietnam</strong>, <strong>Mongolia</strong>, <strong>the Philippines</strong>, <strong>Malaysia</strong>, <strong>North Korea</strong> and <strong>South Korea</strong>. The materials have informative exercises about the things that these countries are famous for, such as the Great Wall, Dynasties, Hinduism, Buddhism, Martial Arts and many other things! Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class. You might also like these bundles: European (France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, and the United Kingdom) North America (Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and the United States) South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela) Spanish Speaking Country Studies (Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, and Venezuela) All Units (32 Country Studies) Top 10 Best-selling Country Studies