Secondary Dutch resources: social issues

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The Holocaust: Anne Frank's Experience.

The Holocaust: Anne Frank's Experience.

This was graded an 'outstanding' lesson. Hook Starter to be handed to pupils as they enter class. Lesson Intention and differentiated outcomes. Video links are included within the presentation. This lesson could be used without the need for exercise books as it is a learning stations based lesson for the most part. diary extracts / time line are included within this pack (other stations could include text books, laptops EG: On the Anne Frank Website an interactive tour of the Annex. I also included a 'bigger picture' station which showed an overview of The Holocaust though pictures etc as a whole. (All images and videos / sheets from Google / BBC Bitesize). Many Thanks.

By morlem

Graffiti - Street-art - Wall-art! images in Amsterdam city - urban photography - photos &  pictures

Graffiti - Street-art - Wall-art! images in Amsterdam city - urban photography - photos & pictures

Graffiti, street-art and wall-paintings in Amsterdam city in urban photos. You find here also pictures of collage art, graffiti tags, stencil-art, pastes, stickers and writings and paintings on the wall. I made these photos between 2011 - 2015. I see these all these public expressions as urban art, meant for everybody and free to enjoy! You can use my city photography as a starting-point for making your collage or just as starting your personal inspiration. I hope you like these street art pictures I made in my lovely city Amsterdam. For more street-art images, go to my high resolution photos on Flickr by following one of the links here. - Dutch photographer, Fons Heijnsbroek

By Matrozenhof