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Football Fever - Spanish

Football Fever - Spanish

Kick off on the right foot with your class with this exciting resource which contains hundreds of photocopiable pictures, games, puzzles, surveys and quiz questions on: Core Language (non technical): Me and Football • Fans and Players • Food & Drink, Clothes • Travel, Weather, Body • First Aid Kit • Shopping for Souvenirs • Mood of the Match • Adjectives, Verbs • Numbers and Time Additional Language: At The Big Match • Inside the Stadium • Some of the Action • Some of the Rules • My Favourite Player • Match Report Age: 10 – Adult Level: Beginners to Intermediate KS2/3/4 124 pages.
Y8 - The weather

Y8 - The weather

A brief presentation so students can revise the basics about "el tiempo". The teacher will ask: ¿Qué tiempo hace? and the students will have to guess depending on what they see on each slide. The slides are followed by the right answer although there are more than one option in some cases. For example: Hace sol/hace buen tiempo.