Preschool German resources: future plans

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Puzzles for Chapter 1 Stimmt GCSE Higher

Puzzles for Chapter 1 Stimmt GCSE Higher

Save over 60%! A collection of fun puzzle worksheets practising school vocab from chapter 1 School in AQA GCSE Stimmt! Red book. Includes three word puzzles per topic and answers. Ideal as cover work, homework or revision work. Note: If you have uploaded an earlier version of this and can't download it anymore, please leave me a message in the community or in reviews.

By jusch12

KS4 German Edexcel GCSE book: p134+135 Ich werde an der Küste wohnen

KS4 German Edexcel GCSE book: p134+135 Ich werde an der Küste wohnen

2 whole lessons on p134-135 spread in Edexcel GCSE book. First lesson on p.134 - Reading and Writing, revising the use of the future tense in the context of the 'Wohnort' topic. 5-4-3-2-1 starter to reactivate previous knowledge, then textbook activities (helped by vocab list), then translations to USE the future tense. Second lesson on p.135 - starts with vocab test, then reactivation of structures to be used in the lesson, then Listening Bingo activity to introduce Listening recording, then Listening activity itself, then writing activity based on last two lessons, with a sheet of 4 steps to creating an excellent piece of writing.

By hasslethehog

Jobs in German

Jobs in German

a worksheet on jobs in German together with a powerpoint presentation introducing jobs- aimed at Yr9

By anyholland