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Humanities Bundle (Ancient Civilizations, Religions and Wonders of the World)

Humanities Bundle (Ancient Civilizations, Religions and Wonders of the World)

This bundle includes three worksheets: Ancient Civilizations Religions Wonders of the World The units include a large variety of fun activities and exercises about various aspects. Lots of informative exercises and fun puzzles (crosswords, word searches, word chops and many others) are included to make it a fun class. The answers and answer sheets are included. You might also like these worksheets: Africa The Middle East China Egypt Greece Christianity Islam Geography Bundle

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U.S. History: ~7 Lesson~  Gallery Walk Collection

U.S. History: ~7 Lesson~ Gallery Walk Collection

You are purchasing 7 complete Gallery Walk Activities to use in your U.S. History class. You can buy each of these individually in my store or save over $13 by buying these lessons as a BUNDLE! A Gallery Walk is an activity in which your students will examine museum-like exhibits that you place around the classroom in order to complete their assignment. It is a fun way to present the information and it gets your class up and moving in an organized way- a fun break from lecture! All Museum Exhibits and corresponding student sheets are included in these products! Life in the 1950’s Gallery Walk In this Gallery Walk Activity, your students will examine the major events surrounding Life in the 1950's (and Cold War era) in the United States. Topics covered include: Red Scare, Duck and Cover, Women's roles, Pop Culture (Elvis Presley and I Love Lucy), new technology (TV, satellite), Interstate Highway System, Levitt Housing, Baby Boom, white collar work and MORE! Red Scare: McCarthyism Gallery Walk In this Gallery Walk Activity, your students will examine the major events surrounding the Red Scare/McCarthyism in the United States during the Cold War. Topics covered include: HUAC, McCarthy, Hollywood 10, Rosenberg's, Alger Hiss, and MORE *Note this lesson requires student internet access U.S. Imperialism 1860-1920: A Gallery Walk In this activity, students analyze and examine 9 EXHIBITS, that contain multiple primary and secondary source based documents, political cartoons and excerpts related to U.S. Imperialism. As students examine each EXHIBIT they are required to answer comprehension questions about the exhibit and record their answers on a graphic organizer. Students will also deepen their understanding of U.S. Imperialism by reading and annotating an article on the topic. TOPICS ADDRESSED IN THIS LESSON: Purchase of Alaska, Annexation of Hawaii, Acquisition of Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Cuba following the Spanish American War, Open Door Policy, Trade with Japan (Matthew Perry), and MORE.....All Materials are INCLUDED in this packet! You are purchasing: U.S. Imperialism EXHIBIT materials for 9 stations, U.S. Imperialism Article, all student handouts/graphic organizers and STEP-BY-STEP teacher directions for how to conduct the lesson. Meets Common Core Standards and students actually ENJOY this lesson, I use it every year! The Vietnam War: A Power-point & Gallery Walk In this 35 page/slide product, you have everything you need to conduct a highly interactive lesson on the topic: “How did Americans view the Vietnam War”? This product download includes: a full color (highly visual) power-point, 6 student worksheets/graphic organizers, 13 Gallery Walk “Station Placards”, Step by Step Teacher Directions, and Teacher Answer Key. In this lesson your students will: 1) Take Cornell Notes on the basics of Vietnam while the teacher projects the power-point. 2) Walk around the room to examine 13 different interactive stations about how Americans viewed Vietnam. Students will examine each station, scan the QR code (or visit the website if they don’t have a smart-phone) and complete the questions. They LOVE this part! 3) Read an article about how a Vietnam Veteran views the Vietnam War and complete reading questions using the Reading Anchor Standards. (worksheet provided) 4) Be creative and complete a fun -to- write Diamante Poem comparing Doves to Hawks as an assessment/exit card. Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion Gallery Walk In this Gallery Walk Activity, your students will examine the major events surrounding Manifest Destiny and America's westward expansion. Your students will learn how each territory was obtained by the U.S. Government (from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean) and how the U.S. achieved its Manifest Destiny! Topics covered include: Original 13 Colonies, Louisiana Purchase, Mexican- American War, Annexation of Texas, Oregon Trail, Gadsden Purchase and MORE! **Note this lesson requires student internet access to complete as a “gallery walk”, preferably using a QR Code reader on their phones (free APP) OR access to 2 computers/tablets. WWII on the Home front: A Gallery Walk Activity In this lesson your students will complete a Gallery Walk activity about the effect WWII had on Americans at home. Some topics covered are: Rosie the Riveter, Tuskegee Airmen, Navajo Code Talkers, Japanese Internment, factory conversion, Bracero Program and MORE! Columbus' Exploration of the New World: A Document Based Gallery Walk This 15 page activity includes everything you need to have your students examine the "Journal of the first voyage of Columbus". Your students will walk around the classroom (Gallery Walk) to examine short excerpts of Columbus' journal. They will then "graffiti" the excerpts around the room following specific guidelines (direction slide included). Students will then complete a graphic organizer that requires students to cite evidence about how Columbus: described the New World/Native culture, and the motivations for/results of exploration. Creative EXIT CARD activity included! Great introduction to a United States History course on the "Birth of America" or to use in a World History unit on Exploration.

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