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Weimar & Nazi Germany Loop revision game

Weimar & Nazi Germany Loop revision game

This is a Loop revision activity for Nazi Germany. It works on the same principle as flash cards, but the key words on one side don’t match the definition on the other side. In order to complete the Loop they need to find the student who has the key word that matches their definition (read the instructions below). It is a really fun activity that I mainly use for revision but can be used as a starter, a plenary or a fun activity. Instructions for use: 1 - Download and Print off the sheets. 2 - Cut around the outside edge of all the cards. 3 - Fold over the cards in the middle and glue them so on one side you have key words and on the other side you have definitions. 4 - Laminate the sheets (optional) 5 - Cut out the individual cards. 6 - Give out ALL the cards (at least one per person) 7 - Choose a random student to read out their definition, the rest of the class listen and whoever has the correct key word SHOUT IT OUT! 8 - This second student then flips over their card and reads aloud their definition. 9 - You keep going until you complete the loop and get back to the first student TIP 1 - To make it more effective and more competitive you should time each successful loop and post the times. Get the students to compete to try to beat their past times and other classes times. TIP 2 - Want to make it more difficult? Make the students swap cards every time someone makes a mistake or every time someone calls out. That way they will follow the rules and be forced to learn all the cards.