Preschool Scottish gaelic resources: culture

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History / Topic / ICT: Settlers and Invaders - How The Celts Lived Research Activity

History / Topic / ICT: Settlers and Invaders - How The Celts Lived Research Activity

This resource gets children to independently research information about Celtic traditions using ICT. The worksheet gets the children to visit a BBC website and research the answers to nine questions (three examples shown) with space below each to make notes: 1. How many years before Jesus Christ did the Celts live in Britain? 2. Where do the Celts live today in Europe? 3. What were Celtic roundhouses made of?

By stephgrimes86

Reading Comprehension Newspaper Bundle

Reading Comprehension Newspaper Bundle

A collection of six reading comprehension activities using real life newspaper articles. Each contains a copy of a newspaper article suitable for KS2 (new species of spider / Pangaea / blizzard / Remembrance Day / St Andrews Day/ Hedgehog preservation / Fifa Poppies) and questions that I have made myself to test their comprehension of the articles. 03/07/16 - UPDATED TO INCLUDE MOUNTAIN REPTILE ARTICLE

By stephgrimes86

Each-Uisge powerpoint  Èisteachd is Labhairt

Each-Uisge powerpoint Èisteachd is Labhairt

Èisteachd is Labhair. 'S e powerpoint goirid a th' ann ma dhedhinn na h-eich uisge. Tha ceangal gu òran ann le Julie Fowlis agus ceangal eile gu Tobar na Dualchais far a bheil bodach ag innse sgeulachd. Dìreach fios farsainng man deidhinn. Chleachd mi sin le clas a 4 a bh’ agam nuair a dh’fhaighnich fear dhuibh ma dheidhinn Kelpies.

By Elliza