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A Legacy of El Cid by John Pierre Biddle Warden- Chapter 2

A Legacy of El Cid by John Pierre Biddle Warden- Chapter 2

This chapter written by John P Warden is useful for World History Teachers introducing elements of World History concerning famous personages of the Medieval history in Spain. It shows the relationship of the family of "El Cid" to the bloodline of the royalty of Europe. El CID ALFONSO AND SPAIN! - RODRIGO DE VIVAR AND FAMILY Figure 8 © Biddle Family Media, Inc. Statue of El Cid in Balboa Park, San Diego California. Excerpt from A Legacy of El Cid By John Pierre Biddle Warden. 2012.

By jpwa1

Ancient Africa Digital Interactive Notebook Graphic organizers for Google Drive

Ancient Africa Digital Interactive Notebook Graphic organizers for Google Drive

16+ ready-to-use digital notebook pages for your unit on Ancient Africa will engage your students. Explore the art of Ancient Africa, the impact of geographical features of the continent and more. Great for Google Drive and 1:1 classrooms, this resource includes: - clickable graphic organizers for students - color coded boxes for the big ideas - teacher tips - possible responses for notes on Ancient Africa - Black-line masters of all pages Topics included: - Geography of Ancient Africa - The Sahara Desert - The Nile River - Trade in Ancient Africa - Kingdom of Ghana - Mali Empire - Songhai Empire - Kingdom of Kush - Kingdom of Aksum - Ancient Carthage - Hannibal and Punic Wars - Art in Ancient Africa - Daily Life - Griots - Traditional African Religions - Summary NOTE: Ancient Egypt Interactive notebook pages are not included in this set. A complete set of Ancient Egypt digital notebook pages can be found in the store. This purchase is for one teacher only. This resource is not to be shared with colleagues or used by an entire grade level, school, or district without purchasing the proper number of licenses. If you are interested in a site license, please contact me for a quote at docrunning@kulikuli.net. This resource may not be uploaded to the internet in any form, including classroom/personal websites or network drives.

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Crusade State Info

Crusade State Info

Some specific knowledge on the crusader states including castles, Templars, Military Orders, support from the west and some quotes by historians.

By Osauwese