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A2 Full Notes for Hypothesis Testing

A2 Full Notes for Hypothesis Testing

***IF YOU LIKE THIS PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER UNITS FOR A2 MATHS. BUY EACH UNIT SEPARATELY OR GET THE WHOLE PACK FOR £10!*** These are my teaching notes for the CIE A2 Statistics Hypothesis Testing Unit. They include: - Continuous and Discrete Hypothesis Testing - Type I and II errors for both Continuous and Discrete distributions - Approximating a discrete distribution with continuous and then testing I've also included some powerpoints I use to introduce and then summarise and review the whole topic Notes include examples and explanations - essentially everything you would hope your students to copy down during the unit. The textbook exercise references are for the Nelson Mathematics Probability and Statistics Text (978-1-4085-1563-1). Which I highly recommend as an excellent text and which as been endorsed by Cambridge. Any other textbook references are indicated in the notes. Great for beginning teachers and also useful for students who are absent as you can print out a copy for their notes