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Math Literacy and the Common Core:  Writing Your Way to Understanding  Common Core Concepts  3rd and

Math Literacy and the Common Core: Writing Your Way to Understanding Common Core Concepts 3rd and

Math Literacy and the Common Core is intended to help educators understand the link between literacy skills and learning math concepts. It addresses the misconception that math learning process is a journey resting on the shoulders of students and that it is up to students to determine whether or not math will be mastered. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. An abundance of research supports the assertion that teachers should be shouldering most of the math learning responsibility. Thus, we must recognize…it is teachers who are responsible for student learning as well as for student success in mastering the standards. This book is intended to be a roadmap for teachers to that end. It is a starting point for teachers to collaborate within their own geographic areas and determine authentic standards-based, hands-on lessons that will engage each set of students and move them toward math mastery. This collaboration, coupled with in-depth lesson study, is a key component for student learning. Teachers collaborating and disaggregating lessons are keys to unlocking the doors to student mastery. Unfortunately, not enough emphasis is usually put on these keys. If our math programs are ever to be truly world class – this has to change. The bottom line: the majority of students are not going to understand math until we, as teachers, learn to teach math differently. Let Math Literacy and the Common Core be your starting point to those ends. Intended to be a workbook. Table of Contents Layout 7 For Starters: The Student in the Classroom 9 Activities 11 Instructions for Activities 13 A Word About Math Vocabulary 14 Activity: Notes-on Pages 15 Activity: Vocabulary with Sample Script 19 Instructions for Pre-Writing Activity: Organization/Outline Game 21 Instructions for Pre-Writing Activity: Sentence Sorting 23 Instructions for Math Essay Writing 25 Instructions for Math Paragraph Template 28 Instructions for Activity: Four Step Solution Plan 30 Instructions for Pre-Writing Activity: Problem Structure Decoded 36 Instructions for Pre-Writing Activity: Math Concept Map 39 Instructions for Math in the Arts: Skit Template 41 Templates 47 Building Your Own Lessons 59 Common Core Third Grade with Template Support 65 Common Core Fourth Grade with Template Support 151 Must Knows for Mastering Math 251 Bibliography 284 Creative Clips of Fish and Borders by http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Krista-Wallden
A level applied maths: Decision revison

A level applied maths: Decision revison

A great resource for A level students on Decision maths. Specifically for AQA but can be used for all other exam boards as well. Provides quick, easy to understand information for the topics. Has many uses including as flashcards, posters, powerpoint presentation for revision and introduction of decision topics. A great and very helpful resource
Shortest Paths

Shortest Paths

A simple introduction to graph theory concepts for KS3 students - what networks and paths are, how to calculate the shortest path, and the relevance of this to Computing. It would also be relevant to older students of networking, and provides a link between algorithm and network (i.e. LAN/WAN) topics. The map and one of the questions in the on-line worksheet are actually adapted from an A level Decision Maths textbook, and questions on the shortest path have also appeared recently on GCSE Maths papers.