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Nat5 bundle

Nat5 bundle

Nat5 resources to get maths qualification through an active experience. Tarsias, treasure hunts and more!

By misscmiller

C4 ALevel summary

C4 ALevel summary

"cheat sheet" covering all C4 topics for CCEA ALevel. Use for revision classes/exercises as a guide or as a comfort blanket for a class test.

By woodsam

FP3 Vectors Notes (Full Edexcel Spec)

FP3 Vectors Notes (Full Edexcel Spec)

This is a revision guide for the further vectors work covered in Edexcel's FP3 specification. Vectors turn quite complicated in this exam, and this revision guide aims to simplify that with brief pointers as to how to approach a question. Content covered includes, but is not limited to, volumes/areas of shapes, intersections of lines-lines, lines-planes, planes-planes, and trickier problems involving skew lines.

By oinkk