Part 1 of 14 two minute tooth brushing ppts/videos, differentiated questions and answers and activities. Animated, musical backing, narrated. 7-11 years. KS2, health and teeth. Lesson/assembly.
Total sugars, free sugars, trapped sugars, change4life foodscanner app. Brushing and tooth paste.Less harmful trapped sugars are found trapped within the cellular structure of whole fruit and also in whole milk and whole yoghurt. Trapped sugars is a term not used by health care professionals but is used in this publication to help show the difference between sugars harmful to health and teeth and those sugars less harmful to health and teeth.

Tooth brushing: brushing teeth together encourages a group culture of caring for health and teeth. Children learn how they can look after their teeth themselves. Children develop responsibility for their own teeth, and satisfaction from knowing they are looking after their teeth well. Viewers can secretly compare their own daily snacks with those of the school children in the video, and think about the damage that sugary snacks can do to teeth and health. Viewers can then see how the children in the story ‘How to rot your teeth’ changed to snacks that are better for teeth and health.

UK National Curriculum:
Describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different
types of food, and hygiene.
Notes and guidance (non-statutory)
Pupils should be introduced to the basic needs of animals for survival, as well as the
importance of exercise and nutrition for humans.
Science – key stages 1 and 2

Pupils might work scientifically by: observing, through video or first-hand observation
and measurement, how different animals, including humans, grow; asking questions
about what things animals need for survival and what humans need to stay healthy; and
suggesting ways to find answers to their questions.
If a whole school brushed their teeth in morning assembly, it should be even more effective at raising awareness of the damage to teeth and health from sugary snacks, and helping children to feel confident and proud of making healthy choices for their own teeth and health. Hopefully peer pressure would have the effect that they encourage each other to care for their teeth.

'Trapped sugar’s is not used by healthcare professionals but is used in this publication to help explain the difference between sugars harmful to teeth and health (free sugars) and sugars less harmful to teeth and health (trapped sugars).
https://apps.beta.nhs.uk/change4life-food-scanner/ https://www.nhs.uk/change4life


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