Preschool dysgraphia resources

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Alphabet writing bingo mats.

Alphabet writing bingo mats.

CCW Cursive script dotted 1 required. Eight practice sheets for writing all the letters of the alphabet in both lower and upper case separately presented in a grid which can then be used for bingo if desired.

By butterbeans65

Special apps for Special Kids

Special apps for Special Kids

Is a Presentation in Google slides about N.E.E. and the use of technology and special apps. Workshop that I teach in my school with children with Reading and writing problems.

By lorenaesper

Nonsense Rhymes Crosswords 3

Nonsense Rhymes Crosswords 3

Simple to download and print and use. Develops phonemic awareness, reading skills, spelling, logic/reasoning skills, and handwriting.


Autism, Fine Motor Skills Lace, Trace, Cut &  Draw,  Special Education, SEND, OT

Autism, Fine Motor Skills Lace, Trace, Cut & Draw, Special Education, SEND, OT

This Fine Motor Skills Activities set for pupils with autism and special needs contains: 10 Lacing Cards (full page) 10 Tracing sheets (half page) 10 Cutting sheets (half page) 10 Copy the Drawing sheets (half page) Ink Friendly & Easy Prep! You might also like: Fine Motor Skills Trace & Draw write and wipe cards Robot Theme Fine Motor Skills write & wipe Vehicle Theme Pre-Writing Skills

By CurriculumForAutism

Professional Development Book Study -- Are You Educating a Fish in a Tree?

Professional Development Book Study -- Are You Educating a Fish in a Tree?

If you have not had the opportunity to read the book, A Fish in a Tree, by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, now is the time! The novel, A Fish in a Tree, is eloquently authored by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. This e-book product is a companion book study that may be utilized in several different ways including: (1) individual professional development to renew your own professional growth and learning; (2) a faculty and staff book study as a summer or really anytime of the year book study for professional growth; (3) a guide or workbook for an assigned reading in a graduate course; and (4) maybe an entire faculty and staff summer read to help better understand the world of dyslexia as part of a school improvement process! Specifically, this book is a companion book study for educators or anyone else that wants a different look into the world of a child/teenager, and/or adult dealing with dyslexic tendencies/characteristics 24/7.The opportunities are limitless for how one might utilize this product best! You make the decision! This novel is written around the infamous quote: “everybody is smart in different ways. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid.” Do you see them as “your children” before you see them as “your students?” Do you foster the importance of standing out rather than fitting in or just satisfying the status quo? How do you think these students “find their grit” to face challenges such as the ones Ally did? Ponder and reflect as you read ahead…

By MissAlaneious