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Battling Grammar - Updategrade pack for the exciting grammar card game

Battling Grammar - Updategrade pack for the exciting grammar card game

Included in this pack is an upgrade for the three core decks of cards (Water, Earth and Forest). This pack includes all three decks with upgraded background artwork themed to each deck which really make your cards pop out! Great for further inspiring children to play this exciting, addictive grammar card game. For the original game and decks of cards, go to the following link and download them for FREE: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/battling-grammar-grammar-game-for-upper-primary-school-11223955
Changing Tenses

Changing Tenses

This flipchart is one that I have used with bi-lingual children to discuss tense, and assess their abilities to change tense in speaking and writing, as well as noticing grammar and punctuation issues. It could work well in any classroom if you are putting a focus on tense and error correcting.
Contraction Rules Display KS1 and  KS2

Contraction Rules Display KS1 and KS2

A basic resource because I couldn't find one anywhere else - I hope someone else finds it useful. It shows children how apostrophes work for contraction as a rule and shows the two exceptions that I could think of. I've uploaded it as a word document so that it can be edited to suit your class.
level 1 - ENGINEERS – Metal

level 1 - ENGINEERS – Metal

LEVEL 1 for TES Story 4. ENGINEERS – Metal Little Cam wonders where metal come from so decided to ask uncle Bearing. 15 pages For full information see also !About Author and Book Listings!