I have put together a batch of my resources which I hope will be useful for parents at this time.
Indonesia Education Pack (Home Learning)Quick View

Indonesia Education Pack (Home Learning)

This education pack is designed to help teachers introduce aspects of Indonesian life, language and culture to their pupils aged 7-11. It contains ideas and activities that can be used in lessons and assemblies,factual information and resources to help your pupils develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the biodiversity, stories and culture of this fascinating country. Your pupils can learn how to greet a friend in an Indonesian language, get creative making shadow puppets, kites and telling stories, cook a traditional recipe and find out about other aspects of Indonesian culture using our wide range of classroom resources and activities. The materials are designed to be flexible and adaptable for use in a variety of settings. They can be used as starting points for individual lessons or form part of larger cross-curricular joint projects involving collaboration with a partner school over a number of subjects. Please note that the interactive elements of this resource will only work when the PDF is downloaded and not when it is opened in browser.
Home learningQuick View

Home learning

This is a channel of online lessons that I have put together for children learning at home. I have started with the Year 3 maths and English NC objectives and I aim to upload a lesson every day.
The Speckled Band - Home learningQuick View

The Speckled Band - Home learning

A standalone lesson on the features and use of suspense in ‘The Speckled Band’. Designed for home learning and for post-reading of the story. Contains support for an analysis paragraph and creative writing homework.
Home Learning Comprehension BookletQuick View

Home Learning Comprehension Booklet

A Comprehension booklet designed to broaden student’s cultural capital. This comprehension booklet covers articles that are contextual to “To Kill a Mockingbird” but also looks at articles written about authors such as Stephen King. This booklet aims at making students more contextually aware of texts that are studied at GCSE level. This includes: -Questions and extension tasks -Articles aimed to develop student’s contextual knowledge of texts and authors.
Home learning: Freedom of speechQuick View

Home learning: Freedom of speech

This unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has brought debates around freedom of speech into the spotlight. This resource provokes thinking about what people should be allowed to say, and who should make the rules. These activities challenge learners to think about questions like: Should people be allowed to say whatever they want? Is censorship necessary during a pandemic? What’s more important - freedom to say what you want, or safety from harmful words? Learners can complete the activities on their own but it’s even better if an adult can push them to develop their reasons and see other perspectives. The reflection questions can provoke extended discussions. For example, when (if ever) is it acceptable for a leader to withhold information?
Home learning: crisis and conspiraciesQuick View

Home learning: crisis and conspiracies

Help learners separate fact from fiction by understanding how conspiracy theories start and spread. This resource gets learners thinking about questions such as: What is a conspiracy theory? How do conspiracy theories spread? Who is responsible for stopping their spread? The activities look at fake stories about the coronavirus and investigate the dangers of letting conspiracy theories go unchallenged. Learners can also explore deeper questions about free speech, censorship and the role of social media.
Year 2 Home LearningQuick View

Year 2 Home Learning

Year 2 Home learning - very quick home learning including spellings, common exception words, maths, sequences, simple addition sentences. Great for Autumn Term.
Spanish Home Learning PackQuick View

Spanish Home Learning Pack

A home learning pack to revise basic Spanish in case of school closures. The pack includes lots of fun activities: matching, word searches, fill in the missing gap and labeling the picture. Each worksheet covers basic Spanish vocabulary including: Numbers Colours The weather Questions and answers The family Transport I hope you find it useful!
Art Extended/ Home LearningQuick View

Art Extended/ Home Learning

A wide range of different art activities that allow for student to select and lead independent learning Activity types vary to allow for all students to complete regardless of their accessibility to resources
Home learning - instruction writingQuick View

Home learning - instruction writing

This resource is a home learning activity I sent out to my class. It is a week’s unit on writing a set of instructions. It includes a warm up, planning and writing stage split into easily accessible activities. I hope it helps provide inspiration for your own home learning or is useful for sending out to your Year 3 children.
Home learning : Pandemics and the CoronavirusQuick View

Home learning : Pandemics and the Coronavirus

A resource for KS5 German looking at pandemics in general (a reading text from Planet Schule with comprehension and translation tasks) and the Coronavirus in particular (a listening task from YouTube with questions to follow). I created it for a double lesson of remote learning so it should take around 1.5 hours to complete.
Home learning: behind the headlinesQuick View

Home learning: behind the headlines

This resource helps learners think for themselves about the power of headlines and the ways newspapers present their stories. These activities provoke thinking on questions like: How should newspapers choose their stories? What responsibilities do they have to their audience? How should the media report on a crisis? After making editorial decisions, learners are encouraged to investigate the current news cycle and view it from different perspectives. Challenge your children to think deeper about the stories they see everyday and develop their news literacy and communication skills: reasoning, open-mindedness, scepticism and speaking up.
Home learning: What's the news?Quick View

Home learning: What's the news?

These activities challenge learners to think about where they get their news from and to question what they are reading. It’s pakced full of questions like: What are the best and worst ways to get news? When can we trust what we read in the news? Why might news matter more to some people than others? What makes a story hit the headlines? We suggest supporting your child to complete the activities. We have developed this resource from a previous classroom version, available here:economistfoundation.org/resources
Times Tables Home LearningQuick View

Times Tables Home Learning

A double sided word document, which has some ‘fun’ home activities children and families can do at home. I have created it for my year 5 class but can be adapted for any year group wanting to push times tables!
Home Learning Pack for EYFSQuick View

Home Learning Pack for EYFS

Our Home Learning Pack for EYFS has been designed to provide learning activities during any school closure or COVID-19 disruption. The pack includes: Letter home to parents Home learning pack Answer pack Practical ideas pack This resource is available free of charge on www.classroomsecrets.co.uk when you sign up as a free subscriber.
Home Learning ChallengeQuick View

Home Learning Challenge

A challenge pack for children to complete at home (particularly useful during self-isolation) which encourages teamwork, creativity and should help keep children entertained. Hope it’s useful! :)