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A powerpoint including examples, worksheets and solutions on probability of one or more events using lists, tables and tree diagrams. Also covers expectation, experimental probability and misconceptions relating to probability. Also includes some classics probability games, puzzles and surprising facts. Worksheets at bottom of presentation for printing.

By danwalker

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Probability Lecture is covered during Quantitative Methods Module. Lecture outline: - The meaning of probability and relevant concepts - The basic operations of probability In this File you will find: - 1 Probability Lecture Power Point Presentation - 1 Seminar plan with 16 different interactive activities for the students with detailed answers This Lecture and Seminar is covered by the Bachelor Level Students

By galkin_pavel07

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Revision Notes 4 - Statistics & Probability

This is one of five sets of revision notes originally written for the old IB Mathematics Studies course but potentially useful for parts of other courses at GCSE/AS/A-level. Topics covered : Statistics & Probability • Correlation • Discrete, Grouped and Continuous Data • Histograms • Cumulative Frequency • Averages • Range, IQR and Standard Deviation • Sampling • Single Event Probability • Multiple Events • Conditional Probability • Replacement

By Gaspode74

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Probability from Grade 1-8

A powerpoint taking you from chance and probability lines, listing outcomes, the probability of an event not happening and tree diagrams.

By Mr_Horton

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KS4 Probability-Rescue the princess-adventure game

Featured in the TES Newsletter. Adventure game in which students answer probability questions in order to rescue a princess. PLEASE REVIEW / COMMENT. There are 5 sections, each with 2 topics. They have 4 attempts at each topic, if they get all 4 wrong, the game ends and they will have to start again. The 5 sections are: OR and AND questions, complementary events, combined events (inc. 'exactly' questions and 'at least' questions), conditional probability. Go to my profile page and check out my other games.

By kmbheck

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Maths: Probability Game

This is a game which demonstrates the different probabilities associated with the score on two dice. The Rules & Lesson Plan tab explain how to play the game and use the resource

By Smeths

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A wide ranging worksheet on probability. Questions on construction of probability trees are included. All answers to problems are given.

By miker459

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Wide ranging worksheet on calculation of probability. Questions on construction of probability trees included. All answers to problems are also included.

By miker459

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Probability (equal outcomes and theoretical probability)

It is a perfect resource for Probability equal outcomes. It will allow teachers to ask questions for self assessment to check for student's misconception. Attached is a fun probability task where students can investigate the probability. Furthermore, lesson plan is attached to guide teacher how to set out the lesson

By Spaceman7

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Probability - Complete Revision - IGCSE Mathematics

IGCSE Mathematics - Probability - Revision Worksheet Complete revision for IGCSE Exam. All possible questions for Paper 2 & Paper 4 IGCSE Mathematics have been included in this complete revision pack. For more active learning, worksheets, study materials, presentation, revision worksheets... please visit my shop at TES_UM


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Statistics and Probability

Discrete and continuous random variables, expectation algebra, chi-squares and goodness of fit, hypothesis testing, confidence levels CLT and distribution of sample means..

By bgm2016

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These three presentations cover lessons from the basics of probability of one event up to the probability of more than one event represented on tree diagrams or on a sample space.

By sjcooper

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Probability - F to A

A powerpoint taking you from chance and probability lines, listing outcomes, the probabiliy of an event not happening and tree diagrams.

By alutwyche

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Presentation for teaching Probability Covers: Meaning of probability Calculating a Single probability Fractions, Decimals and Percentage expressions Drawing and labeling probability lines Constructing a probability tree Calculating a two step probability using fractions Created for teaching Maths Functional Skill (Level 1 and Level 2) to adults. Suitable for lower ability KS3 and KS4 (especially for GCSE exam revision).

By pstrainingservices

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Statistics and Probability Revision Bundle

This bundle contains 10 revision packs of 27 exam style questions that cover all of the statistics and probability topics on the new maths GCSE curriculum. The bundle includes: - 5 foundation tier revision packs. - 5 higher tier revision packs. - 200 unique exam style questions. - Complete solutions for all packs.

By tomotoole

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Maths Probability Line

Create a positive climate for learning by mounting this colourful visual probability number line to aid the development of student knowledge of numbers. For a longer shelf life - laminate sheets, hole punch and mount across classroom with string.

By leonardkeithold

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Notes - Stats & Probability-Probability.Powerpoint

A few years ago I wrote a set of notes for pupils and put them on my website. The notes were supposed to be written in a pupil-friendly way, and different to notes students might find in textbooks or elsewhere on the internet. I have converted the notes to PowerPoint slides so you can download them, adapt them if needed, use them in revision lessons or perhaps give your students a set to take home with them to help them prepare for exams. The chances are there will be a few mistakes here and there, so if you spot any please email me & I will correct them. Hope they are of use!

By MrBartonMaths