Sequence Ratio Worksheet - DifferentiatedQuick View

Sequence Ratio Worksheet - Differentiated

This is a nice activity to introduce the idea of ratio, by using sequences. Suitable for KS2. I found it useful to use pieces of card (e.g. 1 yellow for every 2 blue) to visually demonstrate beforehand (using volunteers - each holding the correct ratio) and show how to record this into a table on the whiteboard as you go, before using this resource as the main activity. I also allowed children to use counters at their table to aid them whilst completing the worksheet, as this was very beneficial to some learners.

By Miss-Becky

What is Ratio Analysis all about?Quick View

What is Ratio Analysis all about?

The final element of this package of notes designed to assist the understanding of finance for learning support students of GCSE Business Studies. These notes look at the five key ratios that students are required to know and use for the OCR exam. It breaks them down into easy to understand elements and builds up student confidence about how to use the figures!

By dazzan74

Fractions & Ratio Worksheet (Personalised)Quick View

Fractions & Ratio Worksheet (Personalised)

A consolidating activity for KS3. Two worksheets to choose from. Edit your chosen worksheet to input the first names of the children in your class. The children can then work out the fraction and ratio of their names that fall into certain criteria. Worksheet 1: Relies just on the first names of the children in the class, with no other knowledge required (e.g. number of vowels in the name) Worksheet 2: Also requires research or prior knowledge of the others in the class before successfully completing the worksheet. This worksheet can help children to discover the link between fractions and ratio.

By Miss-Becky

Ratio TestQuick View

Ratio Test

A straight forward test on ratio. Worded questions and others with a straight forward calculation.

By cheeky_babes

Ratio Task Cards - Ratios and Proportional Relationships - Pirate Themed Ratio Task Cards - RatiosQuick View

Ratio Task Cards - Ratios and Proportional Relationships - Pirate Themed Ratio Task Cards - Ratios

30 Pirate Themed Story Word Task Cards for Ratios and Proportional Relationships. These 30 Task Cards are designed to help students practice critical thinking with ratios and proportional relationships in pseudo-real life problems. The pirate theme is fun and engaging for students, but has been kept school-friendly for a wide variety of schools. There is mention of cannons/cannonballs, but no mention of guns or alcohol have been used in these task cards. These task cards match Common Core State Standards (CCSS) 6.RP.A.1, 6.RP.A.2, 6.lRP.A.3 and 7.lRP.A.2. These task cards are perfect for math centers, small groups, and whole group activities such as Scoot. Their self-checking and straightforward nature make them ideal for ESL/ELL students of all ages. Included are: *30 full-color pirate themed task cards for ratios & proportional relationships *1 full-color blank answer sheet for student use *2 full-color blank task cards for your use *1 full-color answer sheet with answers *All of the above in grayscale for black & white printers

By elementsofelementary

Ratio (Differentiated)Quick View

Ratio (Differentiated)

Full bundle of ready to go differentiated lessons on the introduction of simplifying ratios and dividing ratios! This lesson could be used with any class who needs an introduction or recap into simplifying ratios and dividing ratios! The lesson includes: Differentiated learning objectives with new levels (1-9) Starter (with answers) Examples to go through with class for simplifying ratios RAG worksheet for simplifying ratios (with answers) Examples to go through with class for simplifying ratios RAG worksheet for simplifying ratios (with answers) Code breakers for simplifying and dividing ratios (with answers) GCSE style questions at the end

By thussa45

RatioQuick View


A spider diagram method to practice sharing into ratios and simplifying ratios. Answers found at :)

By CazoomMaths

Revision Clock-ratioQuick View

Revision Clock-ratio

Functional Skills-GCSE Maths Foundation Revision Clock. 12 questions on ratio that learners answer on a clock face. I set a timer of 30 minutes for the activity, learners have to complete their revision clocks in that time limit. I print both the questions and the blank clocks out on A3 paper

By gazza1973

Ratio RobberiesQuick View

Ratio Robberies

Rubbish name, I know, but I was void of linguistic creativity when I made this. A ratio activity with an end point - practise your ratio skills to find out who serves the longest time in prison. (Re-uploaded 22/01/2013. Found an annoying grammatical error in the body of text!)

By taylorda01

Ratio & Proportion!Quick View

Ratio & Proportion!

Everything you need to teach year 7 - 10 ratio lessons! All lessons contain: 5 a day starter, learning objectives with progress tick sheet, Fully animated and clear examples, Differentiated, colour-coordinated questions WITH answers, Lesson 1: Introduction into ratio & proportion! How to write and simplify ratios with enjoyable bingo game as a plenary. Lesson 2: Direct proportion using the unitary method! Simple, clear examples with fun paired work main activity, great for all abilities. I often use it as a class timed activity to see which student can get the most points, works amazingly work quiet, challenging work! Lesson 3: Direct and inverse proportion using unitary method! Clear examples of both proportion with functional questions of mixed direct and inverse questions. Lesson 4: Dividing a given amount into a ratio! Functional questions and examples of diving into ratios with self assessment progress slide to finish. Lesson 5: Direct proportion with constant k! Introduction into the constant k and it's terminology. Questions include equations and tables. Fun code breaker to end. Lesson 6: Introduction into inverse proportion with constant k. Including equation and table style questions, also with code breaker from tes. Bonus Lesson! I have added in a group work lesson which I have found from tes which is about dividing amounts into a ratio in a bank robbery! These are all my favourite lessons from the ratio topic and I hope you enjoy them too! If you like them or think I could improve them in anyway, please rate or comment! Thanks =]

By stephigittins

Ratio robberiesQuick View

Ratio robberies

A fun 'investigation&' using ratio and problem solving skills. Slightly dark theme of thieves sharing the profits of different robberies. Made by another TES user &';taylorda01' (thanks for the resource!) but I wanted to add answers to it.

By danwalker

Surface area to volume ratioQuick View

Surface area to volume ratio

In this package there is all the content and activities to teach and assess the topics of surface area to volume ratio in relation to gas exchange (approximately 1 hours teaching) Geared towards OCR AS/A level biology (new spec H020 and H420) but equally suitable for other exam boards. Included in the package: * 1 powerpoint presentations; * starter activity including numeracy skill development; *class activities including key word familiarisation and progress checks; * exam questions and answers.

By CarolynJaneFields

Ratio analysis mini testQuick View

Ratio analysis mini test

In class test paper (total 50 marks) that assesses student's knowledge and understanding of ratio analysis. topics include ROCE, liquidity, gross profit and net profit margins, and recommendations . A mixture of small and medium size mark questions. Aimed at GCSE Business students, but could be used with AS Business students (mark scheme provided for calculations. test paper is saved as a word doc for ease of editing).

By Nathwari

Ratio & ProportionQuick View

Ratio & Proportion

Presentation to help students learn how to simplify ratios, how to share in a ratio, and how to work with direct proportion.

By annemarie2111



This unit provides an introduction to Ratio. Conceptual content is conveyed through hands-on activities using visuals, dice, spinners, coins, and candy. This unit brings to light how ratio is used in everyday aspects of life. All sheets may be compiled into a reference booklet. SECTIONS INCLUDED: ♦ Booklet Cover with a quote by Charles Jencks ♦ Definition of Ratio and practical application ♦ Ratio with noughts and crosses ♦ Ratio with Beautiful Buttons (visual) ♦ Ratio with Bag of Numbers (visual) ♦ Ratio with Smart Smarties (candy) ♦ Ratio with Dice Roll (single six-sided dice) ♦ Ratio with Super Spinner (spinner) ♦ Ratio with Coin Toss (three coins) ♦ Word Problems: writing a mathematical ratio ♦ Word Problems: mathematical ratio reasoning ♦ Home Learning Task: Observation of ratio in everyday aspects of real life. ADDITIONAL: ✓ Answer Key included

By Fortheloveofkids3



This resource will teach your students to simplify ratios that have decimal numbers by multiplying by the powers of ten to work with simplification of whole numbers. Also included is a fun Math Lib activity to reinforce taught content. This resource will provide your students with a thorough understanding on the concept of simplifying ratios of decimal numbers. The templates are designed to be kid-friendly with cool kids clip-art and pleasant-to-read font to motivate students. Material that could otherwise prove daunting is presented in a simple easy-to-understand way. SECTIONS INCLUDED: ♦ Booklet Cover (for student) ♦ Anchor Chart (colour and blackline) on Simplifying Ratios with decimal numbers. ♦ Simplifying decimal number ratios: 33 problems ♦ Simplifying decimal number ratios (math LIB) Recording Sheet. ♦ Simplifying decimal number ratios (math LIB) 10 Task Cards. (2 on a page) colour and Blackline ♦ Simplifying decimal number ratios (math LIB) 10 blackline Task Cards on a single page for students to glue in their notebooks as reference. MATH LIB ACTIVITY: My students really enjoyed this activity – I’m sure your students will too! I cut out and laminated the ten task cards. I then tacked them to the wall with Blu-Tac (this way cards don’t get lost if they were left on students’ desks – it also gets students up and moving), Students then write the ratio to solve on their recording sheet, simplify it and look for their answer from the list of options. They write the word against the selected option in the ‘fill in the blanks’ section. The end result is a spooky message. You will find that this is a far more interesting way of answering a multiple-choice question and checking students’ answers. The cards target differentiation. I am confident your students will have sound mathematical knowledge and understanding of simplifying decimal-number ratios after completion of this unit. All the best for the academic year!

By Fortheloveofkids3

Ratio & ProportionQuick View

Ratio & Proportion

Ratio Lesson Series Direct & Inverse Proportion Best Buy Food Shop Activity

By Brabanski

Ratio and proportion: Teaching for mastery bookletQuick View

Ratio and proportion: Teaching for mastery booklet

Brought to you by Tes in partnership with specialists at Mathematics Mastery and the White Rose Maths Hub, this PDF provides teachers with the progression of learning for the topic, broken down into digestible chapters.  It is an ideal starting point for primary teachers looking to brush up on their subject knowledge, or adopt the mastery approach to maths in their classroom.

By TES Resource Team

Ratio worksheet with answers.Quick View

Ratio worksheet with answers.

This resource contains 7 ratio activity. Some are questions and some others are word problems. The second document includes the answers. Please rate this resource so I can improve as I go on!

By sara-turner-montessori