Sports Relief 2018 - PowerPoint Presentation - Assembly - In ClassQuick View

Sports Relief 2018 - PowerPoint Presentation - Assembly - In Class

Comic Relief 2018 PowerPoint Presentation Could be used for an assembly or in class. There are links to a video on YouTube - this will only work if you have internet connection and YouTube is not blocked within your organisation. It is linked into the presentation so you shouldn’t have you close the presentation to show it. It contains notes on the presentation which are on one side of A4 so you don’t need to keep looking at the screen to see what is going to come up next. I have saved it in two versions on PowerPoint, if you have an older version. Check out my other KS2 resources and planning here
FREE Sport Relief AssemblyQuick View

FREE Sport Relief Assembly

FREE Sport Relief Assembly Every year I do something to raise money for Sport Relief - this generally in my capacity as a zumba instructor (guess what ‘sport’ is there in the script, representing Z on the sports list?!) This script is about as versatile as I can make it - any cast size, any duration, any number of songs/music suggestions. Good luck to everyone ‘doing their thing’ this year. My challenge is going to be ‘sitting still for one minute’ during each of my 15 zumba routines - a challenge beyond anything I have ever undertaken before! If you’ve ever been to a zumba class you’ll know what I mean! Simple message to accompany this script - ENJOY! Sample Text: Child 26: Volleyball Child 27: Weightlifting Child 28: Wrestling Child 29: Zumba! Narrator: (To Child 29) I beg your pardon? Child 29: Zumba! Would you like a demonstration? Music 2 – Zumba number/Latin American music (Child 29 ‘performs’) (Loud applause from cast and audience) Narrator: Magnificent! And I can see that dancing is just as energetic as all those other sports we’ve mentioned! Child 1: (Fanning him/herself) Phew! All that hot Latin American music! Child 2: But let’s not forget our winter sports! Child 3: We have only just had those fantastic Winter Olympics! Child 4: Who could forget Child 5: The skiing Child 6: Bobsleigh Child 7: Figure skating Child 8: Ice hockey Next big sporting event – THE WORLD CUP! Check out assemblies, guided reading scripts and quiz on this wonderful theme! All available off TES and
Relief of the UKQuick View

Relief of the UK

Lesson used on the relief of the UK - can be used as a good topic starter for physical geography or rivers and coasts. Used for aqa gcse geography 9-1 start of rivers and coasts
Sport Relief 2018Quick View

Sport Relief 2018

Ths resource is a 10 slide Power Point Sports Quiz accompanied by worksheets: acrostic poem template and example, comprehension and writing prompts, poster design template and two word searches. Ideal for Assembly, PE, PSHE, Tutor Time or English lessons for this year’s Sport Relief Week beginning 17th March.
Debt relief, Fairtrade and Microfinance loansQuick View

Debt relief, Fairtrade and Microfinance loans

Lesson Title: Closing the Gap - What's the answer? Aim: To explain how debt relief, fairtrade and microfinance loans can help reduce the development gap. Homework Included. Challenges in the Human Environment > The Changing Economic World > The Development Gap There's a wide range of activities here, therefore textbook not required for the lesson: Planned: March 2017 Any feedback appreciated. Thank you for looking.
Sport Relief Sums Mile ChallengeQuick View

Sport Relief Sums Mile Challenge

Board game with addition and subtraction sums to answer to 'complete the mile'. Game cards attached for mini sports challenges. 3 differentiated boards - +1/-1, +2/-2 and a high ability using numerals 1-9 addition and subtraction sums. To reinforce turn taking.
Measuring height, Contour lines, Relief mapsQuick View

Measuring height, Contour lines, Relief maps

This resource looks at how height is recorded on maps. The activities focus on contour lines, spot heights and colour shading. One of the activities involves an OS map and so the questions much be altered to fit the OS map in use.
Africa & Charity (Comic Relief)Quick View

Africa & Charity (Comic Relief)

Two lessons on charity in Africa. The lessons use Comic Relief as a focus. Students should discuss the importance of the charity and how it makes a difference to people's lives all around the world.
Anesthetics - Pain ReliefQuick View

Anesthetics - Pain Relief

Lesson targeted towards new AQA GCSE (9-1) as part of the Britain: Health and the People unit. Lesson explores the development of anesthetics.
Compounds and Molecules: Pain Relief!Quick View

Compounds and Molecules: Pain Relief!

Students are introduced to the pain reliever 'Entonox' a gas made from molecules comprised of nitrogen and oxygen. Students have ten minutes to build a moli-model and read an information sheet related to a compound of nitrogen and oxygen to see if it would be suitable for pain relief. Once students have completed three models they come to a conclusion of which gas would be most suitable: nitrogen monoxide, dinitrogen monoxide or nitrogen dioxide. Higher level students can be introduced to coefficients and subscripted numbers in relation to symbol formulae.
Showing relief on mapsQuick View

Showing relief on maps

This is a KS3 / KS2 lesson on showing relief on maps. It is a very good practical lesson that will get students really involved in map work. Key facts about the lesson are: The content covered by the lesson are; Definition of the term relief, explanation of how spot heights, contours and colour shading show relief, identifying the height of places on a map using the three (3) relief methods, and creating a relief map using colour shading techniques. Learning resources used in the lesson are; Picture study, short writing task, map work task, and colour shading sketch map task. The lesson is planned in detail all of the resources for teaching the lesson are included in the ppt; starter, learning activities with resources, clear outline of learning tasks and a plenary. You can use textbooks to provide background information on relief but it is not necessary. Now just download and teach!
Comic Relief 2017Quick View

Comic Relief 2017

Friday March 24th is Comic Relief! Are you taking part? Will you be raising money?Or giving it? Why is it important to donate? Why is it important to remember people who need help? Interactive resource developed in prezi. Can be used by small groups, individuals or by parents. Includes employability and learning skills framework.
Offline Relief Lesson PlanQuick View

Offline Relief Lesson Plan

This a substitute/relief lesson plan in the html format to be completed offline, no internet connection required. Then you can save the document as pdf or print it directly. To use this valuable resource you need to follow these steps: Step 1: create a new folder and name it as you wish. Step 2. Place the two files in the new folder you created at step 1. Step 3: Rename the file styles.txt to styles.css (you only need to change the extension txt to css. Step 4: Your Lesson Plan Form is ready to use. It is recommended that you use google chrome.
Clay relief Friedensreich Hundertwasser design clay relief KS3Quick View

Clay relief Friedensreich Hundertwasser design clay relief KS3

This is Powerpoint Three from a Scheme of work on developing a clay tile based on the work of Hundertwasser. Students firstly in Powerpoint One learn to draw a sphere pebble and practise their shading techniques. In Powerpoint Two students then study the artist Hundertwasser and design their own tile design looking at the work of and particular way he interprets his subject. Students practise their watercolour techniques and develop an outcome in his style to use for clay. In the powerpoint three there are steps to show how to make a tile relief. To complete a clay tile using three techniques: indentation, sgrafitto and layering using slip. When students are finished designing their tile this is then painted in bright colours and varnished with diluted PVA glue In the end I have uploaded a video on Art in Clay so students can get familiar with various aritsts who are inspired by working in clay.